CLP question

  • Not trying to start a which one is better discussion, just looking for some thoughts on general firearm cleaning, lubing and protection? I love Orkin's CLR cleaning video and method, I am just terrified to use it on Stainless Steal. Trying to figure out CLP's vs separate products.

    I have been using Mil-Comm MC25 to clean and MC2500 to lube and protect, and a little TW25B grease as needed. The process works great on all of my firearms, simple and they all work great.

    I am thinking about trying George Fennell's Weapon Shield (he is the guy who made FS-10), It's a CLP all in one product, so I don't need to stock up on two products, 2 sets of rags for cleaning and maintenance, etc.

    I like the idea of just bringing one product along with me when out shooting, just not sure if all in one is as good as two? Or does it really even matter as long as I do my part and clean!

    A friend of mine told me about the products anti friction properties.

    Weapon Shield, BreakFree, Hoppe's Elite