dddoo7's RRT

  • been shooting everyday still...just too lazy to post them up.
    Here is today’s. 5 groups of 5 with the 40x at 50


  • That's a tight one on the left. Too bad it's not in the middle of the dot. ;)

  • @orkan

    My thinking exactly. I like the group...but can't brag on it cause it didn't hit the dot. Lol. I had adjusted the scope for wind the other day and didn't zero it back out before shooting.

  • This should be fun!

    26” 22CM
    Thunder Beast ultra 7 223
    100- 22cm alpha brass
    2000- 80gr Bergers

    Now just waiting on whidden dies...and hope they are good when I get them.


  • @dddoo7
    Hadn’t seen a post from you in a while. You been doing any shooting lately?

  • STILL most every day. Just nothing exciting to post. I’ve missed about 8 days in the last year.

  • Whidden dies came in today for 22cm. I tried them out to see how good they were. Brass was out by about 1.5 thousandths when I sized it. After sized it was as shown below. Dies look good this time!


  • Don’t get much better than that! Better not let @orkan see that concentricity gauge lol

  • @bull81 He wouldn't be the first guy to buy something from someone before he realized they weren't the kind of people you should be buying from. Pretty sure he's had that for quite some time.

  • @orkan
    Oh I know I was just making a little joke.

  • I absolutely wouldn't buy it now! I bought it a few weeks before they treated Orkan like trash. I am a little ashamed to have it now...but won't throw it away either.

  • Ok...so I have my first 20 rounds down the 22 cm barrel.

    38gr H4350. Jammed 0.010" into the lands. Virgin brass.

    These are the first 20 shots in 5 shot groups. This barrel really has potential! Looking forward to shooting some critters this fall!


  • @dddoo7
    Looks good fella, what bullets are you planning on running in it?

  • 80gr Bergers. I already have enough bought to shoot out the barrel.

  • @dddoo7
    Figured that’s what you were running, my 223 loves them. Look forward to seeing the reports

  • working through this virgin brass. Lots of groups with 3-4 all in a little cluster and then a couple of fliers due to brass. When I get through the first firing I'll start load development.

    22cm, 100y



  • Practiced some with a tripod today so that I’ll be ready to hunt from it this fall. It is different shooting off a tripod. I had three good shots in each group and two fliers that I called and knew I pulled. Every movement is exaggerated from a tripod when compared to prone.

    This is a five shot prone group that I finished up with. I dialed one click down between the above groups and this group. Still virgin brass so should still get better...but I’m happy with it for now.


  • 22cm at 100y

    Three shots

    Five shots


    Golf ball exit hole


  • I am very excited about this 22cm barrel. It is crazy good...and these groups are while forming brass. 10 more rounds and I will be through the virgin brass and will start load dev.


  • last 10 shots with virgin brass. now to work up a load that will hopefully shoot better than these have been shooting.

    cold bore hit to the left of the group. I get impatient and when I take a rifle out of the cold house and don't give it time to heat up, then condensation in the barrel causes a cold bore poi change.


    second set of 5...different poa. trying to get perfectly centered on the dot.


  • So I worked on a pressure ladder today to see where my top end would be. Interesting results. I started seeing pressure at 40gr with heavy ejector swipe at 41. 42gr was blowing primers. Velocity is not what I expected...and I highly suspect that the brass is the issue. I have ordered another brand of brass and hopefully will have better results.

    If the Alpha brass being soft is the cause of this...and I believe it is, then I have not had a good experience with Alpha. I bought 100 cases to start with and they were not concentric. Alpha sent me a new set of brass on their dime and I started feeling better about the brass...yet now this. I am 114 rounds into this brass and while it is consistent and shoots well...it is useless if it is too soft to hold up to the pressures of 22 cm.

    This is the brass after pressure testing

    Seated 0.010" off lands
    39gr-- 3267, 3259
    40gr-- 3322, 3339
    41gr-- 3402, 3424
    42gr-- 3479, 3483

    Seated 0.030" off lands-- slightly better, but still pressure at 40, blown primer at 42
    39gr-- 3276
    40gr-- 3342 (ejector swipe, slight cratering)
    41gr-- 3430 (heavy ejector swipe, heavy cratering)
    42gr-- 3506 (blown primer)

    Seated 0.050" off lands-- slightly better again...but still heavy signs of pressure
    41gr-- 3417
    42gr-- 3467

    So...in order to get out of pressure signs I would have to back all the way down to 39 grains which would put me at about 3275 fps with 80gr berger. That is awfully slow for a 22cm.

    Accuracy is there though. 5 of the 8 first shots went into the same hole even though the powder varied from 39-42 grains.


  • @dddoo7 something is different with the new 22 creed brass from Alpha. I loaded up previous loads used with old barrel and had pressure with 41.5 gr of powder and 82gr bergers. Previous brass had no problems. I am running 95gr smk around 3100 with 36.6gr powder with a 7 twist 30 inch barrel. I ran some 82gr bergers with 39.4 gr of powder and had excellent results. I am not as concerned with speed but do want the accuracy down range. Could be worth a call to Alpha to see what has changed with the brass. I may neck down some srp lapua 6.5 to see what happens.

  • No way, no how, should an 80gr bullet at 3400fps produce pressure in a 22 creedmoor. If it does... then the brass is WAY too soft. Pretty cut and dried there. The cartridge is easily capable of 80gr at 3500fps... and if the brass won't take it, its not good brass.

    I'll be making my 22 creed brass out of the new lapua 6 creedmoor brass when I can get my hands on some. Until then, I'm shooting hornady.

  • Just out of curiosity why can’t 6.5 creedmoor brass be used?

  • @bull81 It can. ... it just needs to go through the press a lot more times.

  • 500 hornady 6mm creedmoor Brass on the way. I missed out on some local Lapua 6mm creedmoor by a few hours. One guy came in and bought the last four boxes.

    308 today. About 2100 rounds in.


  • @tpk936

    Sorry about late response. I just noticed this.

    I believe that something might have changed with alpha brass...however this is the second go round I have had with their brass. I don't intend to buy any more brass from either Alpha or Copper Creek. There are other descent options out there...I just really liked the idea of starting with actual 22cm brass instead of necking down 6mm cm. I have 500 pieces of Hornady on the way and the 6mm lapua is backordered. When I get the new brass I will run a pressure ladder first to see what it can handle before I fire form the whole batch.

  • I did a bunch of work with Alpha 6.5 creedmoor brass and it was very very good. Equal to lapua. I've not had good experiences with their 22 creedmoor brass thus far. Same experience as above. It just doesn't seem to handle normal 22 creedmoor performance. Point in fact, my stock (non-improved) 22-250 can equal the velocities I got out of the alpha 22 creed brass.

  • hornady brass arrived yesterday.

    39gr-- 3232 fps...no pressure
    40gr-- 3281 fps...no pressure
    41gr-- 3355 fps...no pressure
    42gr-- 3455 fps...slight ejector swipe...bolt not sticky
    43gr-- 3520 fps...heavy ejector...slightly sticky

    43 is not labeled below...but it is the next one in line.

    Hornady brass gets me almost a full 100 fps more given the same pressure signs.