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  • 40x at 50. Wind is crazy tonight. We don’t usually see wind like this so i was excited to play with it. First group was shot holding dead center. Next three groups I held anywhere from .1 to .5 mils depending on wind.


  • @dddoo7 what's "crazy" wind for y'all?

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  • @gash said:

    @dddoo7 what's "crazy" wind for y'all?

    Trees swaying. Swings swinging. Power went out 4 or 5 times today due to wind. I would guess about 25 mph...but I’m not great at estimating yet.

  • Shot 22 pistol yesterday. Today I got to shoot with an old friend. He brought his zev built Glock. It shoots very well. I was impressed.

    I also shot the 40x a few times. Unfortunately he is not one to really appreciate quality rifles. He would rather shoot pistols.

    40x at 50 y. Dropped one shot.

  • @dddoo7
    Sounds like my shooting partner, if you sawed his head open and looked inside it would be full of a bunch of little bitty pistols. He has a few rifles but likes his hand cannons. He's got a sweet Sig compact 1911 and a Ruger target pistol I have shot along with his "Glock Killer". Maybe with some practice I will have the Glock Killer.....Killer (XDM). Two birds with one stone, ehh?

  • Shot my 308 yesterday with the friend of mine that was visiting. We also shot his 308 which is my old Rem 700 spa-v in an aics chassis. His was shooting about 1” at 100. Then he shot mine and was surprised. His sightmark scope leaves a lot to be desired.

    My group. I dropped the first shot.


    His group. Poi is off, but for no training at all and no experience it is not bad.


    Today I shot handguns

  • I have had family in town and we have been shooting quite a bit. I got to shoot an old 1937 S&W 45 acp revolver. Fairly accurate for what it is. Also shot the 40x with my nieces. It is their favorite gun. They only get to shoot when they are around me...but the really like it.

  • 10 shots at 50 with the 40x


  • 40x at 50

  • i1329Ko.jpg


  • Pretty color.

  • I finally decided it was time to put the magneto speed on this load to see where it is. Beans are out and I’m getting geared up to shoot farther than 100y again. Speed was 2385. A little slow...but it is an accurate load.

    Three shots left group. Five in each other group.


  • I'm willing to bet you could find an even more accurate load up around the 2500-2550 mark. It would be worth exploring anyhow. ;)

  • @orkan

    I’ll do it.

    I have been considering revisiting load development anyway. I did this load development 700 rounds ago and I have gotten a little better shooting since then. Load development is useless if this based on bad data from bad shots.

  • 40x at 50.

    1175 on first target. 1250 on second


  • handgun yesterday. 40x at 50 today. suppressor is really getting dirty. cold bore is slightly off...and that wasn't me. lol


  • 40x at 50. I fumbled the first row and then got it together. Good news is the cold bore should not be an issue much longer. Big brother decided today that I am responsible enough to take home the 22 takedown that I bought and filed paperwork on 324 days ago. Keep in mind that this suppressor reached my dealer at the same time as my 40x.


  • 40x. I had to shoot quickly because my flashlight was going dead. 1150


  • Super moon, you couldn’t shoot in the dark? Lol

  • @rhyno said:

    Super moon, you couldn’t shoot in the dark? Lol

    TT’s good. It ain’t that good.

  • It’s cloudy as can be here so it’s pretty dark.

    If there was snow and no clouds I bet it would be easy to see.

  • It is clear here. Very nice night with almost no wind. I could see the paper, but could not distinguish dots without artificial light. I have a little surefire rechargeable that I use when I shoot at night. It works great, but sometimes I get caught with it not charged.

  • 308 185 Bergers. Weight test.

    I was having trouble concentrating by the end of the 35 rounds. Think I’ll reshoot the las 4 groups and see if they do any better.


  • Handgun yesterday. 40x today. Cold bore is horrible. Then 4 in one hole. Slightly low probably due to the extra 10 yards.


  • Ok. This is really stupid, but I think i figured out the problem with the poi shift when shooting from the table. It dawned on me earlier today that the table is 58y from
    The target and where I shoot prone is 50y from the target. That extra 8y apparently causes .3 mil of extra drop.

    Tonight’s 3 groups. Dirty cold bore is the miss in the first group.


  • That would do it. lol.

  • 20 more rounds. 40x off the rickety table. Cold bore still due to dirty suppressor. I’m holding off cleaning till I have a chance to go pick up my takedown.


  • I finally got to pick up my takedown from the dealer. Groups look promising.



  • Nice. :) Some potential there.

  • Gonna work on the cold bore over the next few days. It seems to still be a problem.

    40x at 50.


  • Alright...I started working on figuring out this cold bore. Last night I left the rifle sitting on the table. I had a theory that standing it up in the safe was dropping all the residue to the chamber and causing cold bore shift. That however is not the case as this is the first target shot this morning.


    So next I fully cleaned the suppressor. It has very few rounds through it and I didn't think this was it...but I don't want to leave anything to chance. However...this is the group after cleaning the suppressor. It still has an almost identical cold bore shot.


    So then I thoroughly cleaned the barrel. Obviously the barrel needs a little seasoning before I can tell anything, so I shot three 5 shot groups. Cleaning the barrel caused a POI shift up 0.4 mils. That is much more than I would have thought. I have probably 1000 rounds on the barrel since last cleaning.

    First 5 shot group. first shot is in the dot. Second shot is the middle one. next three in the same hole.


    Next two five shot groups with a .4 mil adjustment to the scope between them



    Next step is to let the rifle sit for a few hours and then shoot it again. Hopefully the cold bore poi shift will be eliminated.

  • Excellent run down @dddoo7

    As I always tell people; cleaning 22lr's isn't necessary... unless it is. ;)

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