dddoo7's RRT

  • 40x at 50 yards.

    20 shot group. A few went high...but all but one were completely in the black at 10 rounds.


  • You should chrono your lot of ammo once. Just to see what kind of velocity spread you're working with.

    That would give you an answer as to the vertical in that group. Whether it was you or the ammo.

  • 08-03-17

    Doesn't look like vertical dispersion is dependent upon velocity. Might be...but didn't coorspond with highs and lows.

    I hope to shoot prone tomorrow and see if it does better. The kitchen table is not a firm surface.

    Big hole in the middle is another 20 shot group. Turned up .4 mils to not destroy the dot.

    Other hole is a 5 shot group with velocities beside it.


  • This is what comes out of my suppressor with a few light taps. This is what falls down my bore when I stand my rifle up in the safe. This is what causes crazy cold bore shots. Time to clean the suppressor.


  • I wonder if a few passes of a boresnake before start shooting would correct the cold bore shot?

  • It might. Leaving the gun horizontal helps. The first 200 or so rounds on a clean suppressor I don't have a problem. I just hate cleaning this suppressor.

    Hopefully the ATF will decide by December that I am responsible enough to bring home my take down. It won't fix this problem but it will make cleaning much easier. The takedown will be exclusively used for precision and the sealed suppressors will go on pistols.

  • This is the last 5 shot group I shot today. Nice having a clean suppressor.


    This is the first 5 shot group I shot today. Suppressor has to be clean...but fouled. Far left was first shot. Far right second. Then the other three grouped ok.

  • Cleaned the 308 today. Loaded up a few rounds.

    Second shot was the messed up bullet posted earlier.

    Second row I was too low on the stock. Took me that long to figure it out cause I'm kinda dense sometimes.

    Last row middle shot was not me. Brass is being marked and if it does it again it is gone.

    DT 308 at 100 yards


  • Target stand is still sitting at 100 and I didn't feel like moving it. It is 113 yards from my kitchen table. This is my best group of the day.

    40x 113 yards.


  • Come on @dddoo7, I always see on snipershide how guys are shooting 1/2" groups all day long with their 22's! You better step the game up pal. ;)

  • I know right!

    I might get a 1/2" group once in a while at 100...but it is the exception to the rule.

  • rough day today. The ground was slightly wet so I was laying on my 1" thick mat and I think that made it a little more difficult. The shots went where they should have I just couldn't get my mind in the game.


  • jZrjj9p.jpg

  • Better today. Cold bore is still plaguing me...but it is hitting exactly where the recoil said it should. I am just not getting down behind the rifle right the first time.

    I have changed slightly how I pull the trigger and I think it has helped. I was getting 4-5 out of 20 before that would go off when I wasn't quite ready...so now I am loading the trigger and then deliberately pressing it when I am ready. Before I was gradually squeezing it until it went off and it was much more difficult to nail down when it was going to fire. I might be pulling it slightly now...but can't be much and it is much better than not knowing for sure when it is going to go off.


  • 308 100y 185 Bergers


  • 40x at 113y. Using up some old targets I found in my office.


  • 308 at 100y


  • I have a very small window of time on Sunday's in which to shoot. Today it was raining in that window so I shot my mark II from the back porch. Maybe tomorrow will be nicer weather.

  • I ran out to the range just a while back because of that. I'm happy for the rain though it makes work a little easier.

  • Using up old targets. 5 shots each. 50 yards. 40x.


  • 40x at 50y

    Rain again today so ground is wet. Didn't feel like laying down so i shot the 40x from the house. Maybe tomorrow will be dry.

    This was a good practice. Kids were playing "red light/green light" in the other room...so I had a very small window of opportunity to take each shot before the reticle started bouncing again. It is difficult to time breathing and bouncing to get them both aligned.


  • Timing looks good to me.

    1. 100y

    If I could keep focus throughout all five shots in each string I would do better. I might try standing up between each shot. It would help with building firing position too.


  • 40x. Same hole at 50. Seldom under 1" at 100. I think the center x falls apart quickly past 50 yards.


  • @dddoo7 I've not seen any 22lr which consistently shoots well at 100yds.

  • Only 10 tonight. Got dark on me. I could still see the dots...but they were beginning to blur.

    1. 100y


  • Today's 10 shots. 308 at 100.

    That is the last of the 4x's fired brass. Time to process my 180 pcs again.


  • 40x at 50y. I got sloppy on a few.


  • 5 at 50 with the 40x


  • 40x at 50y

    More wind today than usual and I can't feel it in the house. That is why first row is to the left. I'm not sure why the vertical dispersion. Recoil seems straight...yet the vertical spread was well over 1/2" on the dots. Five shot group at the end was tight so that tells me that it is probably me. I'm wondering if or wobbly pedestal table is not helping any. Maybe try prone tomorrow.


  • @dddoo7 said:

    40x at 50y

    More wind today than usual and I can't feel it in the house. That is why first row is to the left. I'm not sure why the vertical dispersion.

    Winds from the side will very often carry a vertical element. It's called aerodynamic jump. Also, with 22lr... while the wind is coming from the side, it seems to never come straight on. It will cause bullets to lift and dive unpredictably. This is extremely evident when shooting a 22lr at 50yds and beyond.

  • @orkan

    Well. I felt like I shot pretty good...but the paper doesn't lie. It was about .2L and usually about .2 up...although the vertical was less consistent. Very well could have been the wind then?

  • @dddoo7 Very well could have.

  • Still hitting high. I don't know what changed...but something did. Adjusted zero. Last 5 shot group.


  • 40x at 50y

  • @dddoo7 I've been following your range report thread from the first post and periodically, when everybody was grouped together. I gotta say, for as critical as you are of your shooting, your capability to consistently lay down a nice target/group is admirable. Keep up the good work. As soon as I get all settled in at the house I'm going to make every effort to start my own thread.

  • @oilfieldjosh

    Thanks. I know I am better than I was a couple months ago...but I'm not where I would like to be. I don't know that I will ever be where I'd like to be...but the quest to get there sure has been a blast.

  • Four groups of five. Bottom left was the last group and focus was fading. Fliers were due to not relaxing my head on the cheek rest. Still trying to conquer that one.


  • Dot drill. Cold bore says it is time to soak the suppressor again.

    40x at 50y


  • Cold bore blues with this stupid dirty suppressor. Maybe I will get to bring my takedown home in a few more months.


  • 308 at 100. A few still wandered...but better.


    My adjustable cheek rest would not raise up enough for my skinny cheeks...so I made another one. It is hdpe. I heated it and pressed it into a wooden mold that I made...and then sanded smooth. It is not rubberized like the factory one but it is high enough to work and rock solid.

  • 308 @ 100y

    Not as good today


  • I shot early today. Supposed to rain for next few days starting this afternoon.

    19 touches again. 11 more than 1/2 in. 7 buried in the dot.

    There is always one full miss. I missed it due to an ant crawling on my arm distracting me. Lol.


  • I see a cleaned dot drill in someone's future. :)

    Row 2 and row 4 are on point.

    Next time you have an insect on you... think it through. Tell yourself "I don't care what is on me... There is nothing on me" and simply make it disappear mentally. The fact that you noticed the ant on you was a failure of that mindset before hand. ... but you can make the ant disappear.

    It's all a function of what is more important to you. Hitting the dot, or feeling the ant.

  • Remember... a clear mind isn't bound by the trappings of the flesh.

  • @orkan

    I am working on controlling my mind...but it is not easy. The ant is a stupid distraction...but a struggle. I seem to feel every rock and pebble under me but I am getting better at ignoring them. If we can control our mind we can do anything we want.

    I was especially proud of row 4 because that is usually where I fall apart. After the horrible row 3 I just said to myself, "I have to concentrate...one dot at a time. I put everything I had into the last two...and the results speak. It is just difficult to put everything I have into every dot.

    I am just now finding out how crazy good this rifle shoots. I know when I miss and why and there are very very few that I can't explain. This rifle is capable of burying the 308 bullet in the 1/2" dot every shot if I were capable.

  • said:

    It is just difficult to put everything I have into every dot.

    That is why the dot drills are so powerful.

    @dddoo7 said:

    I am just now finding out how crazy good this rifle shoots. I know when I miss and why and there are very very few that I can't explain. This rifle is capable of burying the 308 bullet in the 1/2" dot every shot if I were capable.

    Now imagine what is going through my head every time I have a customer call and try to tell me his barrel doesn't shoot. lol To date, it has NEVER been the rifle. Always the shooter, either on the rifle or at the load bench. That's a hell of a testament to @tscustoms. You have put in the work at the load bench, and now you've continued putting in the work behind the rifle.

    Anyone that has been here from the beginning remembers what your targets used to look like. You'd never tell it was the same shooter if you compared this drill to one you shot a couple years ago. I'm honored to have been a part of it. Seriously. No amount of competitions won gives me the kind of satisfaction I get from knowing I've helped you in some way. So, a sincere thank you, from me to you! Truly puts a smile on my face.

    I can also safely say you're an inspiration to other shooters. I've posted my daily shooting activities for years. People get used to seeing tiny little groups. So they tell themselves, "well he does it for a living... he's suppose to be that good" and it takes the pressure off them. You on the other hand do not do this for a living, and you put a lot of pressure on the rest of the shooters here when you post drills like this. That makes them want to get out and improve. It's AWESOME! :)

  • I almost sent my barrel and bolt back to you many times in the first 1000 rounds. Each time you walked me through some major concept with shooting or loading that I just didn't have any concept of yet.

    To date...the class has been the single most valuable tool in shrinking groups and improving shooting. Equipment is good and important...but instruction has been much more valuable. When I was beginning shooting I didn't want to spend the money on a class. I am thankful you offered your class to us at no cost to us...but I would gladly pay whatever you charged to take it now.

    The most efficient way to get into shooting is to start out with a quality rifle. Shoot a couple hundred rounds just to get used to how it works. Then take the class. Then shoot every day putting the principles into practice. Even if one pays for your class it will still save them thousands in the long run.

    I by no means claim to have "arrived"...but I am very happy with the results over the last 3 months since the class. I am anxious to see where the next 3 months go. @orkan Thank you for teaching the class...and thank you as well for the hours you have spent on the phone walking me through my noob issues!

  • Yup , it's been great watching the evolution of your shooting.

    I have to double down and get back to shooting now that I have a range again.

  • @rhyno said:

    Yup , it's been great watching the evolution of your shooting.

    I have to double down and get back to shooting now that I have a range again.

    I agree with rhyno, picking up the bits and pieces of your discussions pertaining to your daily shoots has helped me focus on aspects of my shooting.