AUGUST Range Report

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    Goodbye July, hello August! please don't be as hot. 80 or so is ok to coast into fall temps :)

  • So I have an idea to run past you all.

    What about rather than having monthly range reports... we have individual range report threads?

    So each of you would start your own range report threads... and post your progress. I think this would be much more beneficial to each of you. I originally started the range report threads as a means to spur you guys to shoot. Some of you participate regularly. We had 10-12 guys going there at the beginning, and it was no surprise to me to see them fall off. Fact is, most people don't shoot. They lie about it on forums all the time and try to proclaim expertise they haven't earned.

    We're past that here.

    Those of you that have continued shooting have all seen massive improvements in your abilities. This is the next logical step. Individual threads which allow me to focus and personalize the help I can provide, while maintaining a public presence. This will help in a lot of ways. The first of which is to allow you a centralized place by which to log your sessions. The notes you take about your progress written not only for your benefit, but others watching your efforts. Much learning to be gained in this way which is nearly impossible with our present method of tracking shooting participation here. Imagine what it would be like for some of you to go back through your own personal range report thread if you had started one two years ago. What a tale it would tell for some of you.

    It's clear that the pressure of daily shooting is simply too much for most people to endure. Most people's lives aren't setup for it. Mine is. It's rare that I don't shoot at least one purposeful rifle round per day. Lots of you can't do that. Though if we change the format from a monthly/daily report to a personalized report in each of your own threads... the pressure to participate is still there, if that's the kind of thing that motivates you, but you will get much more benefit from it.

    If you're on board, create a new thread for yourself. Title it by your screen name and follow it up with "Range Report Thread"

    So for me it would look like "Orkan's Range Report Thread."


    Bottom line is that I take calls and questions about specific highly detailed topics from each one of you throughout the year. Either phone calls, texts, emails, or messages here on the private message function of the forum. All of you in one capacity or the next is coy about showing your experience or lack of it to the group. Meanwhile I answer some of the same questions in the same way 10 times a month. If you all grew up and just asked here in the public view... it would do ALL a great amount of good.

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    I like this!

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  • Yea it's interesting as soon as I can shoot again I'll probably do it.