Alien gear holsters bashes NJ police


  • @ragnarnar
    Antoquan?? That's alone is enough for about 20.


  • This website will not take part in the narrative of negative media frenzy.

    We will also not contribute to the desensitization of society by posting video's of people being shot to death.

    We will also not provide a sounding board for the constant sharing of "opinions" about situations or things upon which the poster has absolutely no first hand experience with. The simple fact is, no one HAS any facts, and that seems to be what makes people talk about things such as this to no end. Do we really like puppeting and parroting what big media wants you to? Do people realize big media uses you as a delivery mechanism for their poison? You should not be able to watch someone being shot to death and not feel horror. If you can, you better sit down and re-evaluate your morality. Is that kind of desensitization a good thing, ever?

    People should be expected to maintain a higher standard of civility. The lack of that expectation and the glorification of violence breeds more of it.