Long Range AR build

  • I had some leftover parts that I picked up during the last "scare." It's really nothing special; some forged and milspec parts (although I think the barrel is a rock creek blank).

    I decided to see how accurate I could make it doing some basic stuff I've seen done over the years. I'm not expecting anything amazing and it's not scientific, but I'm hopeful for this one.
    First I broke the edges on the barrel extension then polished the ramps up to a mirror shine with some flitz. Hopefully this saves my brass and keeps the bullets from getting too badly torn up on their way into the chamber.
    Then I trued the face of the receiver to be square to the centerline of the bcg channel. I'm thinking this works the same as a trued bolt action.
    I glued the barrel extension into the upper receiver using locktite 620. The locktite is used for high heat, sleeve retention (bearings on car wheels). I figure this will sorta serve as bedding on a bolt gun, ensuring the recoil behaves the same each time. I think the right way to do that is to use shim stock, but I didn't have any and the barrel extension is oversized on this barrel it was already a press fit. I also locktited the gas block.

    I'm not sure if any of this will work, but it took maybe 5 additional minutes to do and cost me maybe 5 cents. At the very least I figure it won't hurt my accuracy. If I see anything noteworthy I'll report back and probably repeat this on any future builds I do.

  • Interested. Hmm.
    Try a single shot sled if you are going to load longer than magazine length.

  • Here is an AR10 in 6.5 Cm with some factory ammo at 100. I am more than impressed. Uses a Rainer arms select match grade shilen barrel. I would like to try and shim the pivot pin and bed the rear takedown lug. Maybe this winter. If I do my part it's a 1/2" gun. Heavy SOB though. I would just built a 22 nosler with a proof barrel and another 6.5cm with a proof barrel. Anxious to see how they run. It dispelled any myth of inaccurate gas guns for me. This would be a PRS shooter dream!

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