Springfield Arms 1911 TRP .45ACP

  • I have pretty much decided on getting myself a Springfield Arms 1911 TRP as my first purchased pistol. I have always wanted a 1911 and was wondering if there are any negatives on on getting one of these?

  • It is a 1911

  • I quite enjoy a finely tuned 1911. They can be real shooters and their mannerisms in the hand are extremely fun.

  • I like 1911s, carried 1 for years, then the Combat Commander. Nowadays can't carry in this state and the CC is consigned to the safe.
    They ran fine with good magazines.

    99% of the Lawyers make the rest look bad.


  • Added to the collection today a Springfield TRP, truly amazing for a production gun!
    Just one more thing to lug to the range.

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