Barrel Cleaning

  • I hate having to reset the cheek piece on my 40x. I need to cut a spacer so that I can get it exactly the same every time.

    I don't intend to build another conventional rifle without putting a folding stock on it even if the only reason is because it is easier to clean.

  • @dddoo7

    Doesn't the kmw cheek piece have a groove and spring washer to make it drop back into place?

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  • @ragnarnar Yes, there is an E clip on there so each time I replace it I just drop it down until the clip hits and tighten the cross bolt. :)

    Better take a closer look at yours @dddoo7

  • Mine also has that eclip. I have seen it before. Problem my cheek is so skinny that the comb has to be adjusted above the highest position for the eclip.

  • @dddoo7

    Skinny guy problems.....

    Mr. Cross makes a extra long set. I had the same issue and had to upgrade mine.

    Also that spacer idea is a good idea for my mcmillian stocks without that groove and clip setup. Just make a block of wood or something and keep it in the pelican case.

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  • An arrow shaft cut to proper length would work too and could be left on the shaft.

    I ordered a set. Thanks for the heads up. Didn't know they made them.

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