Lion attack

  • Banned

    I came across this video and had not seen it Stay safe out there.

  • Took it like a champion though.

  • The comments section is full of idiots that, at a minimum, deserve to be forced to grow and slaughter their own food or go hungry.

  • Glad I live in the country.
    Around the corner from me taken on the way to work an hour ago.

    Walked all the way to go back property corner.


    Lots of critter sign.
    This is one of the smaller burrows.
    12" opening under the roots.


    At least I got the frame done.
    Fixing a leaking front hose spigot was the priority.
    Can't have a well run dry.
    Was making a wet spot that could eventually soak the crawlspace.


    Base is next. H frame of PVC with two upright pipes to hold the frame.