6.5LRM Cold @ 985yds

  • Sorry for the wind noise, but... well... it was windy. ;)
    Target is a IPSC C-zone. Group ended up being about 4 to 5" in size.

    6.5LRM Cold @ 985yds

  • Here's a pic of the KYL rack at 530yds. Normally these are about 300-400yds. Boy is it challenging in today's wind. I only cleaned it 3 times and I bet I tried at it about 10 times. I could go to 4 hits pretty easy most of the time, but the last one would get missed by a bullet width often. The last one on the rack is about 2.5" in diameter. Awful little out there.

    I went at it cold with my 16" .223AI and absolutely smashed it for all shots on one of my 3 times cleaning it.