High Volume Trimming

  • I ran a few rounds of 300 B.O. yesterday through the 1050 and dillion trimmer. I have a shopvac hooked up to the trim die which usually evacuates the trimmings very nicely. Today however it was not getting them out of the way as it normally does. I opened up the shopvac and it was completely full of shavings. I guess I need to empty it more often. It is a very small shop vac...but this is the last two or three times worth of emptying it. That is 8 lb 7.4 oz of shavings...and almost a full gallon.

    I rough cut the brass at about 0.150 longer than necessary and then let the dillon trimmer finish trim the brass as it sizes it...so these shavings are just from the finish trim.


  • sweet!

    Save and sell to scrap metal place. ;)

  • @orkan

    That is the plan. I also have an 8lb powder jug almost full of spent primers. They should recycle as brass too if I can find anyone who will take them.

  • @dddoo7 That's the trouble... finding someone who will take them. If you wash them first... maybe you'll have luck.

  • You might have better luck if you melted it down and made it into an ingot.

    (Spent primers, 22Lr casings, and whatnot)

  • @rhyno

    Yeah...I thought of that. However I know that once in a while I knock out a live primer. I don't want to be standing over the pot when one of those drop in.

    That however is probably the precise reason that recycling companies don't want to take them either though. Oh well...I might throw them all in the tumbler for a few hours and then they shouldn't be live anymore. I have always wanted some kind of furnace or forge to melt stuff like that down too but have never had a real reason to get one. Might have to try it.

  • Put a lid on the pot with a small hole, a pipe that sticks up from the hole, and a funnel to pour the primers into the top. It isn't like a primer or two is going to do anything but make a couple splashes. If you've got a lid on, that won't be a problem.

  • besides...If i melt them into ignots I can probably find a "gold" ignot and sell this brass to some unsuspecting person for lots of money. LOL.

  • How many pounds of neck and shoulder cut offs does that generate?

  • @ragnarnar

    About two large flat rate boxes. Probably 30ish pounds each