Can you guess what I made on the grill?

  • bzx6lX0.jpg

    Only hint- Its not normally eaten in the summer

  • I know I know!

  • A polished chrome armadillo on the half shell?

  • Lutafisk?

    Lol. I don't know but I'm sure it will be good.

    Unless it's lutafisk, but I'm pretty sure that's not how you make that anyways.

  • TURKEY in July!
    Took my baking outside onto the grill 😈

  • Looks good!!!

  • I like the use of the cast iron pan.
    Holds heat and the juices.

  • @hypo I use cast iron for just about everything, that is when I'm not using my Instant Pot or Crock Pot hehe. That's a 17 pound bird in my big CI skillet!

  • @gash Last weekend I was up at my Father's place in Rabun County GA.

    That is the home of the Foxfire series of books about Appalachian folk skills and history.
    Deliverance was filmed in the gorges there.

    At the local flea market I saw some nice 30 gallon sized cast iron cauldrons for reasonable prices.
    I was on the prowl for old woodworking tools and picked up a decent froe for $35.
    The guy had some old NOS two man hand saws. Still oiled with makers ink printing on the blades.

    Old cast iron kitchen tools are common and still usable.
    I need to take pictures next visit which will be the Sunday before and Monday of the upcoming Solar Eclipse.

    He lives in Dillard , GA which will be in totality for almost 3 minutes.

    There will be three generations of us watching it.

    Also found a close by USFS gun range so we can go shoot as a family.


  • @hypo nice. I wish my grandparents and family had kept their cast iron stuff. I'd love of the old school cast stuff, however it's an arm and a leg if you have to buy it. Crazy.

  • Due to low population density, there probably aren't as many useful items in flea markets where you live. Here, there are even cast iron stoves to be had. Many are turned into lawn ornaments as flower planters.
    I have my grandparents old pot belly cast iron heater with a single eye on top.
    My Father has a miniature salesman's Cast Iron stove and oven that I think you would like.
    It is about 8"X10" and the burner covers are about the size of a half Dollar coin.
    He goes to a lot of Estate Sales and keeps some things and sells others.
    He has nearly a hundred old wood Irwin style hand brace drill bits.

    He has also a hand cranked cream separator for raw milk.

    The sad thing about Appalachian History is how few of the young people give a darn about preserving it.
    Meth, Oxy, Heroine, or Pot and Facebook and making out of wedlock babies is about all they care about.

    The few exceptions you find are rare.

    My Father is originally from the Okefenokee Swamp area of GA and Florida.
    Different terrain but similar rural lifestyle.
    I am the first generation to have indoor plumbing since birth.

  • I have been nose to tail running behind dogs and hogs in that area... several decades ago.
    Good hog and bear country and ya don't want to be around if dogs go off "trashing" on bambi...