The $640 toilet seat...and when America lost it's common sense.

  • So I got a fine for using the Toll Roads without a Fast Pass for $57.80. Reason being my Toll Roads Fast Pass had fallen on the floor board because it was so freaking hot out while we were at Universal Studios. I noticed it after going through the 1st Toll when I didn't hear the normal beeps. Picked up the Fast Pass and continued through another 5 tolls without any problem.
    I sent in my dispute and they waived the $57.50 fine and asked for .30 cents. How much did this cost the Toll Roads to process this fine? So far two letters, two .40 cent stamp, 2 pieces of paper, ink and someones time to process these. And to top it off they gave me the opportunity to request an Administrative Hearing if I don't agree with the .30 fine. They should have just thrown away my first reply to them, they would have been way ahead.
    Stay tuned...

  • once in a while we will take out an ad in the newspaper to advertise upcoming Gospel meetings and such. A few years ago I received a bill which was promptly paid by the treasurer. I don't know whether he misread the amount or they mistyped the amount...but we ended up ten cents short. I only found out when I received a letter notifying me that we are 30 days past due and needed to pay the ten cents immediately.

    I called the local small town news paper and told her what the problem was. I asked her to roll the ten cents forward for a few months until we took out another ad at another time...and she immediately agreed to just forgive the 10 cents.

    30 days later I receive another letter. Ten cents 60 days past due. I once again call and once again am assured that the ten cents was forgiven and the account was square.

    30 days later i receive another letter. Ten cents 90 days past due. We sent them another check...for ten cents. you said...they spent .40 something cents per stamp (x3) plus paper, ink, and time all over ten cents. I know this is all computerized...but they need it set up to automatically forgive anything under $1 or something like that. It is cost prohibitive to try to collect such small amounts.

  • The completely predictable result when all people in a nation worship money instead of God.

    For most people, money rules their ENTIRE day. Every decision they make. Every action they take. Every person they speak to... ALL decided by money.

    The government at every level. The justice system. Law enforcement. ALL 100% driven by money.

    It makes me sick to my stomach. Literally. Yet try to get away from money. Go ahead just try. You think you OWN your land because you paid it off? Sorry pal, pay the taxes... and the taxes are whatever THEY say they are. You think you can drive your car because you own it? Sorry pal, insurance and countless fees. You think you can be healthy and never go to the hospital and pay your own bill if you do? Sorry pal, mandatory health insurance. Want to kill an animal and use it for food when necessary on your OWN land? Sorry pal, you need a license, a tag, AND lots of taxes and other fees.

    It is truly endless.

    Freedom my ass. We're all slaves by definition.

  • Orkan,a lot of people have made money and greed there God and I pray for them that they will make the Lord Jesus there God.I am happy to see there are God loving folks like you and others on this forum. God Bless. John 14:6