Tangent Theta 5-25x56 w/ Click Count Assist (formerly MTC)

  • We have a tiny quantity of scopes that have arrived recently that I'm quite excited about. We've had an order in for this configuration since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and a small quantity has finally materialized! I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see them, but alas, we have some. "Some" here meaning, a few. A few meaning, not very many. When they are gone, I have no idea when we'll have more. If you were holding out for a heavy click every full mil on your Tangent Theta, now is the time. These scopes have the GenIIXR reticle and carry a M.A.P. of $4727.

    Primal Rights is your source for Tangent Theta optics. 605-554-1911