Cold Rifle + Hot Outside = POI Shift


    This is something I've seen a time or two before with rimfires specifically. Though it seems to hold true for centerfire as well. If you take your rifle out of the nice cool house or vehicle and go out in the hot humid temps of summer, you may notice some POI shift until your rifle comes up to ambient temp.

    I fired 5 more rounds after this video ended and they were all centered directly on the dot, indicating that the zero from the previous day was locked on solid, while the rifle simply needed to come up to temp before shooting the same.

  • @orkan

    I have also noticed on other end coming from a warm vehicle to below freezing temperatures.

  • Got the load dialed in for that rifle over the last few days. Cleaned the bore and set out to prove the load a bit ago.

    I think I got it. ;)

    5 at 100yds.

  • Last time I notice this is was because everything fogged over haha. But that was on a 50year old scope.

  • That condensation ain't just on old scopes. I have to wait for the scope to come up to temp in the summer or the condensation makes it hard to shoot. I'm not surprised at all that it moves the poi...but hadnt tested it myself.