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  • I got a kick out of this one from Amazon. It never even crossed my mind to buy a $30 dollar Walmart scope until now. I didn't know there was such a thing and I thought I had a cheap scope!

    Athlon Optics , Argos BTR , Riflescope , 8-34 x 56 First Focal Plane $389
    5.0 out of 5 stars Quality scope, 308 recoil no problem
    By A Amazon Expert Buyer November 18, 2016
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    This an exceptional scope for the money. I have only been able to use it at 100 yards, going to use it at 250 yards this weekend. 250 yards is the maximum i can get out of my backyard shooting range. At 100 yards a maginification of 12 to 16 is all you need, at maximum magnification i can clearly read the mumbers on my paper targets. The optics are clear without any distortion. Shooting a 308 caliber rifle it holds true. The ffp (using mil) dot is great for calulating distance at any magnification. Get some quality 30mm scope rings and you wont be disappointed. For long range shooting this scope may serve your purpose. My phylosophy on scopes from experience is.,Either buy a 30 or 40 dollar walmart scope or go all out for for a 400 dollar or more scope. Scopes for around 100 to. 150 dollars are not worth your money. Spend the extra or stay with cheap scopes. Spending your hard earned money on a 150 dollar scope is not worth it. This is from experience. I do love my Athon scope

  • I have an Athlon Helos, thanks to Greg, and in its price range it is pretty good glass.
    Same for the Argos according to some other members here.

    You really do get what you pay for in a scope but until you can spend some hours behind truly outstanding glass and be able to directly compare a top tier $3k+ scope to say a Leupold, you can't perceive the difference. For me it was an afternoon going between a Premier Reticle and a Leupold Mk4. It was obvious.
    Color accuracy, edge to edge clarify and focus, sharpness of images, eye box size, brightness, lack of lens flare, tracking and accuracy of adjustments, all improve as you move towards the top of the food chain in scopes.

  • Well the amazon reviewer has experience. Perhaps just not as much of it as he thinks. ;)