Build your own High Quality ARD

  • I made an ARD for my SWFA SS HD 5-20x50 scope based on the design of the US Optics ARD. These instructions will work with any scope that has a sunshade available.

    Purchase the Sunscreen for you scope, only needs to be 2 1/2" to 3" long (I purchased mine from SWFA $25).
    Measure the inside diameter of your sunscreen.
    Go to Amazon seller and search for seller "RangerRoy HexGrid" and send him a message with the inside diameter of your Sunscreen, he will send you a link to the item on eBay, purchased and had custom cut 2" high piece of honeycomb in a few days. (I ordered a 1/4 Cell, 2.165" Dia, 2.00 thick). I didn't want to degrade the optics with a smaller honeycomb less than 1/4", there is no noticeable difference in image quality or brightness with 1/4" cell honeycomb $22.
    Painted the Aluminum Honeycomb with Wheeler Cerama-Coat and baked per instructions.
    Carefully slid/pressed the finished Honeycomb inside the Sunscreen from the front, fits tight nothing else needed.
    To finish the Installation I ordered and installed a Leupold Alumina model #59050 scope cover $47. I needed a cover that threaded on, not one that slid over due to the clearance between scope and rifle rail. You can use whatever scope cover fits your sunshade.
    Works perfect, did not affect optics at all, and you cannot see it looking through the scope.
    Total cost $47 with scope cover $95.
    KBTRtnM.jpg Zazb7H8.jpg

  • Looks pretty nice.