My New Old Press

  • Its not a Co-Ax but its for sure better a step up from my Lee. The Lee bushing system is okay but has a lot of slop in it. Also Lee's don't cam over. So you don't know if your getting the same amount of force applied to each case. The Lee has been setup in the garage for decapping/swagging service.

    Its a Pacific 007, now known as Hornady. I picked this one up for $50, painted it, and took all the rust off in about two hours. Greased up the ram rod, and pins. Its really smooth for its age. I'll pick up a Inline Fabrication roller handle for it soon too.



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  • @norcal_in_az Nice job! Bye bye stretchy Lee.

  • I have a Pacific 07 press and it was my first reloading press. It was (and is) a quality press. If you don't need the bushing style press you can't go wrong with this one!
    I saved and bought it in 1983 while in high school and it was the leading edge of tech then - I was loading .222 R.E.M. On an old c type press of a family friend and this was a major step up to load my 25-06 for which I had to make cases for from mil-surp 30-06. It had plenty of leverage and caught primers decently well.

  • The pacific 07 has the same footprint as the newer Hornady lock n load of your looking for inline fab quick change plates