July Fitness

  • Meditation, 30 minutes Yoga and 30 minutes total body cardio done today. Also a short bike ride with the kiddos. I'm feeling it tonight, but in that oh so good burning kind of way :)

  • This last week is what all of my exercise this year has been leading up to. Our Grand Canyon hike was this last week.

    My dad, my son (6), myself and a few others went on this hike. I have hiked several times in the canyon and absolutely love it...but this was a hike I will always remember because my dad and son went with me.

    We started out last Saturday with a day hike. It was 6 miles out and 6 miles back. Going out was fairly simple as it dropped over 2,900 feet. Going back up that 2,900 feet is grueling and the 100+ temps didn't help. Tough hike...but beauty like this cannot be found anywhere else.


    We worshiped in Flagstaff with the church there Sunday and then started our long 4 day hike. This is the beginning of the hike.


    It is an 8 mile hike to Supai, AZ which is in the havasupai Indian reservation. Then two miles farther to the campground. The only way in or out of this town and campground is an 8-10 mile hike, horse, or helicopter. We chose to hike it.

    The falls are beautiful and the water is a deep blue color. Water is about 60 degrees and feels wonderful in the brutal heat. The day after ariving to the camground we hiked and climbed to Mooney falls and beaver falls (7 miles round trip). The next day we hiked to town (supai) and back just to explore the stores (4 miles). It is like a 3rd world country there. Everyone is poor and has almost nothing. The next day we hiked the 10 miles back to the car.

    It was a great week in one of my favorite places in the world with some of my favorite people in the world. Being without phone or Internet for 4 days was not bad either. Total miles below the rim
    This week was right at 45.



    View from the tent


  • My wife and I going to Havasupia Falls in September! We also plan to hike to Mooney & Beaver Falls as well! We can't wait to go. It looks beautiful...

  • SrK7jAV.jpg

    Barely beat the heat this morning. 69 at 5:30a. When I came inside at 6:30 it was already 78. High of 103 today....ugh lol

    30 minute ride, followed by a 20 minute walk.

  • @oilfieldjosh

    If you have any questions let me know. I've been there twice now.

    One trick that works is to mail your food in to the post office in a flat rate box so you don't have to carry it in or hire a horse to haul it. We didn't do that but plan to next time.

    Also...fill up with fuel before leaving the interstate. At the trailhead you are 64 miles from the nearest fuel and it is $5/gal. Nearest reasonable fuel is about 90-100 miles from the trailhead.

  • @dddoo7 I wouldn't have thought of mailing the food...great idea! It will be our first time there so any and all info is appreciated. Was it fairly cool at night?

  • @oilfieldjosh

    It was not bad at all at night. I didn't get in my bag until about midnight or one. However last time we went was five years ago in September and if I remember correctly it was cooler. I had a 40 deg bag that year and don't remember being cold...but you will want some kind of bag or blanket of you intend to stay comfortable.

  • Slept in & missed my morning walk....

    Full body weights in the house instead :)

    What did you do today?

  • Day 1/21 - 30 minutes of speed and agility work in the books