Start em off young.

  • My oldest stepson and his wife and her girls were over tonight.
    Well curiosity got the better of them and I pulled the press, scale, and measure out of my room and set it up on the kitchen table.

    We got a little assembly line going on some plinking ammo.
    50 grain Hornady SP over 25 grains of WC 748.

    Kelly and Payton had some fun and learned the basics.


    Kelly checking powder level while Payton seats the bullet and checks with Case gauge.
    I had already prepped all of the cases and had set up the die to 2.23 OAL / 1.89 to ogive.
    Periodically checked powder levels and BTO.



    Drilled out some holes in the base plate to help prevent a recurrence of some spills.

    Had to teach them to do a slight double tap on the handle to make sure the measure was filled before tipping it all the way.


    They were game for another 100 rounds but it was almost time to go so we put it away.

    It got them out of grandmas makeup bag.

    So maybe next time we can put on some eye and ear protection and see how they shoot.

    A 14 pound HBAR shouldn't kick too bad. Setting up the new Athlon scope tomorrow.

    Enjoy the holidays.

  • @hypo said:

    It got them out of grandmas makeup bag.

    Not soon enough, by the looks of it. ;) I've never understood why society encourages deception and insecurity by allowing young girls to wear "makeup." The authority figures in those girls lives would do well by considering the negative affects that kind of stuff has on their personalities.

    Very cool that you got them involved in reloading. Any activity that requires focus, attention to detail, and dedication is good for kids. :)

  • Yeah, they were playing dress up for a while.
    I went "Whoah". This can get expensive.
    Two different personalities. The younger follows and then jumps into the lead.
    See make up.
    The older,Payton is more quiet and inquisitive. She asked about the reloading.
    Once we started Kelly had to take the lead and try everything.

    Payton asked, "Why doesn't our dad teach us this?"

    I find it interesting since their mother wears very little make up.

    I really think it is just little girls experimenting and trying to get attention.
    Something to consider.
    As a parent if we don't pay attention to our kids and guide them, someone else will.
    That other party probably doesn't have the kids best interest in mind.
    See, media advertising, popular culture, music videos, and how modern education fights parents.

    Constant attention is necessary to fight the influence.
    Those kids love coming over here.

    Trying to be a good influence,


  • @hypo

    You hit the nail squarely on the head there I think. I view the seeking of attention and acceptance as the core of the problem. I think the real key thing for children to develop is to not desire attention in the first place. Rather, be confident and driven from within. That is a tough thing to cultivate. When I was a kid, I was always looking for attention... trying to show off. Whether racing around on my pedal bike or with feats of marksmanship prowess. Looking back on it, I don't view it as healthy.