Prime Ammunition

  • Anybody try this stuff yet?

    Seems like good stuff, I've shot through 2 boxes of their 260 ammo.

    If the bc claim is true it smokes my 140 BTHP load.

    It Averaged 2928 FPS out of my Lilja 26"

    The 5 shot group in my avatar was shot with it at 200 yards. (Don't ask me for the size I don't know I don't measure groups often)

    It has me wanting to try 130 Bergers to see if I can get a similar speed.

    Their 22lr ammo, has not shot worth a crap for me however. But 22s are finicky beasts.

  • I haven't used it. I know Frank @ the hide talks about it often. I so very rarely shoot factory ammo. Every once in a while I'll source some to do some work with a customer's rifle... but that is about it.