Anyone need a 40X?

  • Figured I'd give you guys first stab at this before it goes up to gunbroker.

    40X B heavy barrel with Unertl 15x Ultra Varmint 2" objective optic. I just bought this one a few months back... but I'm needing to thin the 40x herd again and this one is just too pretty. Shoots great, but it basically just hangs there and doesn't get shot. Too afraid of putting a ding in it. So, off it goes!

    If you wanted a chance to own some history... this is it.


  • beautiful rifle!

  • Yes but not one that nice.

    At this time anyways.

    Hopefully someone grabs it though.

  • First Nate put that Kimber 82 on SF and Target Talk and US Rifle Team forums. Now a sweet 40X.


    I am committed to the CZ Shadow 2 for the next 2 months.

    I would love to put Aperture sights on it and line up against the local kids with the Anschutz 1907/1913's.
    We run a Vintage class for older rifles.

  • Wow! Nice!! Thanks for the daily gunporn fix