300 BLK vs 22Lr

  • So Greg after seeing your update on the 300BLK on other forums I gotta ask.

    What do you think would make a better "Trainer"

    The dwell time on both should be similar
    Ammo cost should be pretty similar (Handloads vs march grade 22)
    Ammo quality the 300BLK may have the edge, especially down range.

    The 300 may cost more initially, and the ballistics are probably a tad better (haven't actually looked) and it would probably be easier to set it up similar to your main rifle if that's how you wanted it.

    Just curious to your thoughts.

  • Initial price for the rifle will be similar especially if you convert the 40x to a repeater...put it in a manners/mcmillan, etc.

    Price per round is not as comparable is it might seem initially.

    175 smk's are about $0.30 each when bought in bulk at dealer prices. I highly doubt you can beat that price ($150/500).

    Primers are $0.03 each

    Powder ($175/8lb @ 10 grains per round)= just over $0.03 each round

    Brass will probably be lapua if you are serious about accuracy...but that will be counted as an initial cost because subsonic rounds and annealing the neck every time should allow the brass to last almost forever.

    Therefore cost per round is just over $0.36 each on the 300 blackout.

    Cost per round for center x is $0.20 each.

    Now...I do know that my 300 blackout has much more recoil than a .22lr. obviously not as much or as sharp of recoil as a 308...but it does recoil. That extra recoil I could see as beneficial in proofing a firing position as it will reveal improper holds easier than a .22 will.

    300 blackout is very quiet...however it is not nearly as quiet as a subsonic .22.

    These are just my thoughts and experience. Greg obviously has gone much farther down the rabbit hole than I have and may have different thoughts on the matter.

  • I was thinking that SMKs were a little cheaper then that.

    Still $.16 more but you could potentially train a little farther out.

    I don't know just a thought I had while working on pivots.

    This time of year 400 yards is about my max range something like a 300 BLK could be wonderful this time of year.

  • Two completely different things with two completely different roles in my opinion.

    22LR allows you to work on practical things such as firing position, breathing, trigger work, etc... but lacks in significant recoil. It also does not allow you to work on your handloading skills. That's also a benefit, because sometimes you just want to get a lot of cycles and all you have to do is buy a case of ammo that shoots well. That last part can get really tough because the ammo is outside of your control.

    The 300BLK has value, but getting the kind of precision I got from mine is not for the faint of heart if you're trying for subs. I gave up on the subs. There was always a significant cold bore shift. Supers were fun. Certainly great practice. So if you're going for supersonic, then I'd say yes, it has value... but ONLY if you are willing to do an all the way build. Going cheap will NOT serve you here. Tons of people out there with cheap 300BLK's that can't hold a candle to mine.

    You can't "really" practice long range shooting with the 22lr. The ammo is just not consistent enough to work with those kinds of ranges and wind calls. It's mainly for 50yds and closer, working on breathing, trigger press, and various other finite technique. The 300blk with supers can be used at distance and help you work on wind calls so long as you get it shooting precisely enough. It will also allow some firing position proofing.

    So really the answer is that the one is not the other. The 300BLK is a MASSIVELY more expensive road to take... because it's a real centerfire and must be treated as such by all accounts. The 22LR road is cheaper, in that you already have everything you need to do that road. Your present rifle setup will allow you to work on things... but just remember that rimfire is a whole discipline within itself due to the ammo considerations. They just behave differently.