Any of you want an Athlon Helos BTR 8-34x56?


    I have one of these new in box that I'd like to sell. It was pulled out of the box to look through and that was it.

    $450 to one of you guys that wants it. Pretty excellent low end rimfire competition scope. Decent starter centerfire scope at the price.

  • How does it do at extended Rimfire range out to 300 yards?
    I was looking to put something more than the 6.5-20 Leupold on my CZ.
    Was considering a fixed 40X Leupold Competition for $750 used but it has a limited range of internal elevation.
    High end would have been a Nightforce 12-42 Benchrest, Vortex Golden Eagle, Burris XTR II 8-40.
    Bushnell 4500 8-32, Weaver T-36, Sightron Big Sky 36X were the lower tier choices along with a Burris Signature 8-32 used for $300.

    Where would the Athlon fit in?

    1. I don't know, since I haven't mounted it on anything... but I'd suspect you'd have trouble getting to 300yds as the scope only has 13 mils of total elevation travel. 22LR at that distance is really a joke anyway given the inconsistency of rimfire ammo. Should be able to get to 200yds just fine with a normal mounting setup.

    2. Not sure where the athlon fits in. I've used the weaver, bushnell, and sightron scopes you mentioned. Not the burris. Athlon probably has the best reticle and best glass... and is certainly nicer on the turrets than most in the price range.

    I'm basically giving the thing away here... so I'm not really planning on "selling" it to anyone. Rather just looking to offload it to someone that needs it at a price significantly below market value. If you want to send a check, I'll remove my CC fee padding and price it even lower. I've got athlon's on 3 anschutz rifles right now to continue testing... but so far they are looking to be the absolute winner in their class for an entry level FFP rimfire optic. Even the $300 4-14 is great to look through. Turrets on that model suck terribly though. These on this model aren't so bad. Certainly not that of optics 3x the cost... but well, cost being cost, I'm not surprised.

  • If I hadn't spent all of this months shooting money I'd probably take this off your hands to play with on the 40x.

    Oh well.

  • Nice scope, incredible deal! Sure wish I could...

  • I was playing with JBM running some numbers.
    It will definitely need a 20 MOA base to get to 1000 with most center fire since that will give it about 1al2.5 mils of usable elevation on the dial.
    No can do 300 with subsonic 22LR without a hold over.
    Reticle and glass quality is my interest.
    The Illuminated reticle would help me in the dark forest in the late evening.
    Is it Leupold VX-3 level glass or better?
    Sounds like a deal if you understand the limitations.
    With a 6.5 Creedmoor @ 2800 you run out of dial before you run out of bullet and have to hold over on the reticle.

    A slow 308 is about matched.
    69 grains in an AR is about the same.

  • I eventually want an athlon for a 300 blackout that currently has a Nikon...but I want lower than 8x's on the low end. Killer deal though.

  • Yeah. I have to dig out an emergency CC when I get home.
    Working extra right now.
    For known distance range use good glass for the price is what I'm thinking is the best feature.
    IR I can use too.

  • Thanks Greg.
    It should suit my current needs very well.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Tracking says Friday afternoon.
    Now to find some rings for it.
    56mmh objective need rings at least 1.25"
    Would a one piece mount be better for an AR?
    It could go to 600 without any cant on my HBAR
    Going to put a Murphy Precision 20 MOA base on my CZ.
    Tall rings would be a neater and lighter install.

    Thanks for giving us the first option for buy.

  • I like one-piece setups for AR's.

  • @orkan said:

    I like one-piece setups for AR's.

    me 2 :smile:

  • Wow. Price to performance is shocking.
    Blows my VX-3 away in brightness.
    Shaking my head. Yep Made in China. No way. Yep there it is.

    You were not kidding that this is good glass for the price point.

    Eye position gets critical above 24X. Bench use only critical due to small eye box
    Still good resolution with the parallax set properly.
    Turrets don't perfectly line up with markings but tactile feel is better than my VX-3 Target turrets.
    When I reset them I will see if they line up better.
    Not daylight bright on setting 6 but good enough for after dusk or close to it in heavy shade.
    Decent flip caps included.
    Nice box. CR2032 battery included.
    Very crisp reticle even up to 30X and not too big at 34.
    20-24 ish seems to be the sweet spot for magnification with better depth of field.

    I found a Nikon M223 one piece 30mm mount locally and will try it this weekend.
    Less than $100 and I can return it if I need to.
    At closest focal range I can dry fire in the living room down the hallway.

    The overpack for damage free shipping was really well done.

    Thanks .
    This will hold me for a while until I can move up to a custom rifle.

  • Glad you enjoy it @hypo :)

  • Rimfire to 150 or AR out to 600 yards it ought to be pretty good.