CZ 75 Shadow 2

  • Just handled one.
    Heavy all steel.
    Anyone here have one already and how do they shoot?

  • 11 more payments to go.
    End of Summer gift to myself

  • Got it....


  • Gave it its first complete tear down and thorough cleaning.
    While I was in there I polished the outer sear surfaces that rub against the side of the sear cage, the sear pin, and the bottom of the sear where the disconnector rubs on the DA pull. Touched up the bottom of the sear cage where the trigger bar rides as it was already polished reasonably well for a factory gun. The trigger bar surfaces looked really nice and had obviously had been polished.
    Polished the top of the disconnector with some finishing 1500 grit nail file pads.
    Could feel a small improvement in smoothness on DA.

    This gun obviously has had extra care put into it on assembly.
    Other than changing recoil springs and maybe main hammer spring, I don't see where it needs any internal tweaking at all.
    Sights and grips to preference .

  • What's the difference between this and an SP01?

  • Re-contoured lower frame, billet steel slide of different design.
    Salt bath Nitride finish on every gun, slide and frame.
    Since they begin as a billet all frames are Nitride finished.
    For the select Blue models the frame retains the Nitride finish.
    For the rest, that aren't cosmetically perfect, they get either the black polycoat or Cerakote over the Nitride.
    Firing pin retention is a plate at the back of the slide rather than a cross pin.
    Shorter reset by using Pre B disconnect and sear. Safety only without firing pin block.
    Extended safety included and not installed in the picture.
    It has been polished and carefully fitted at the factory as verified by my recent tear down.
    Tighter fit front bushing, Zero movement or wiggle at lockup.
    Heavy son of a gun. 43 ounces empty. Not IDPA legal put USPSA Production Legal.
    Over travel adjustment screw like the 85 Combat.
    Extended magazine release. That part can be had for $35 at Ben Stoeger Pro Shop.
    Very aggressive stippling on front and back straps machined into the grips.
    Fancy thin Aluminum grips.
    Longer Beaver tail.
    Elevation Adjustable rear sight and fiber front sight.
    The Extended magazine release which is another part that can be retrofit to other models.
    3 pound trigger pull in SA from the factory is what I measured
    DA was 8 pounds.
    Includes 3 17 round magazines since it is intended for Production class with the ten shot limit rather than limited and the magazine length restrictions.
    It fits into the Production Class measuring Box.
    The +2 19 round magazines like in the picture don't fit and aren't legal.
    I just had that one for practice.

    With my 147 grain load it is a soft kerchunk kerchunk kerchunk.
    Still have some dipping of the nose so I have some recoil springs on order that should have been here.
    Most people I have chatted with are running 11 pound hammer and recoil springs for match use tuned to 124 or 147 grain bullets.
    Self defense loads loaded to higher pressure need the factory spring.
    +P rated since the barrel is the same diameter as the .40 caliber barrel like the SP01.
    Barrel and slide are a bit longer 4.89" instead of 4.7.
    I think it uses the Australian market Shadow barrel.
    Australia has a minimum barrel length law for handguns set at 120mm.




    SP01 Tactical is Decocker and ambi and Night sights and an additional slot in the rail.

    CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Target II – (CZ Custom)

    Accu Shadow

    The CZ 75 Target Sport are larger frames than the CZ 75 Shadow or 75B and are like the CZ97.
    Magazines don't interchange. Longer 5.23" barrel.
    It was done to allow the 9mm and .40 bullets to stack wider and increase capacity within a given length limit for IPSC in Europe.
    20 rounds without an extented base plate.


    Open Division gun built on the Target Sports Frame.

    They have quite the variety to choose from and usually a few non catalog items that are surplus from the European market wind up here.
    One was a Satin and Polished Cocobolo grip Stainless with night sights that would be the perfect carry gun for a Black Tie Event.


    Full sized Satin


    Brushed and Satin