June Fitness

  • My son, father, and I are still preparing for our Grand Canyon hike that is coming up. My dad is going to be in excellent shape as he and mom ride a tandem bike year round. They ride about 25-40 miles a day 5 days a week.

    I have finally motivated myself to get back into running...and I have my 6 year old son running with me.

    Monday we ran 3.1 miles (5k)!
    Tuesday we ran 1.5 miles and walked home (1.5 miles)
    Today we ran 1.5 miles, climbed the grain bin (Son 3 times... me 13 times), and walked home.

    I promised my son Monday that if he ran the whole thing (3.1 miles) that we would walk home the rest of the week. It is amazing how quickly he is picking up the pace. Our time is still slow...but he is taking almost twice as many steps as I am.

    The grain bin has 27 steps to the top...and it is torture...but really good for a workout. The steps are higher than standard steps so it really works out the legs. I am convinced that there is more cardio in climbing the steps than there is in running.

  • Another day down.

    We ran 1.5 miles (10:45 average)
    Climbed the grain bin (son 4 times, me 15 times)
    Walked 1.5 home.

    He told me that he is starting to enjoy these runs because they are getting easier. I am glad for that as I don't want to burn him out on it by pushing too hard too fast.

  • Another 1.5 mile run today. 10:35 average...slightly faster.

    I climbed grain bin 20 times...my son climbed it 3.

    It has been the first full week for him of running every day and I can tell he is getting tired. He still enjoys it...but he did not run as hard today as he did yesterday. One more day and then we can take Sunday off to let our muscles rebuild a little. If we finish the 1.5 miles tomorrow we will have 10.5 miles in for the week. I am really impressed with how well he is doing for how young he is.

    The plan for next week is 5 days at 3 miles a day. We will see how it goes.

  • Gonna have to force myself to start again, can't let Daniel feel alone in here

  • Another 1.5 yesterday
    my son climbed the grain bin 6 times...I climbed 20
    walked 1.5 home

    We are taking today off and then "hitting the ground running" next week.

  • 20 minute walk with the kiddos and almost all of the barn cats tonight :)


    Can you spot all 5 cats? ;)

  • I have done good running this week.

    Monday 3.1 miles
    Tuesday 3.1 miles
    Wednesday 3.1 miles
    Thursday 2.45 miles
    Friday 4.0 miles.

    My son didn't run with me this week yet. I was up early and he was kept up late and I didn't want to get him too tired out.

  • @gash said:

    20 minute walk with the kiddos and almost all of the barn cats tonight :)


    Can you spot all 5 cats? ;)

    Btw-- that is beautiful, wide open country you have up there. I am a little envious of that.

    We went 2.83 miles today. I climbed 20 times and son climbed 2 times. We were going for 3.1 miles...but my son just gave out. He is still learning to push past the "I can't go any farther" feeling...but he hasn't been running long either.

  • 6.57 mile run today. 10:07 per mile. An hour and five minutes or so. My son rode his bike along with me... or actually ahead of me part of the time.

    I am wore out but actually feel better than I thought I would.

  • My fitness regimen involves walking / wrestling my new chocolate lab puppy till one of us gets tired -2 miles last time.

  • 10 minutes AM Yoga, 10 minutes body weight circuit, 10 minutes guided meditation :)

    Happy Monday!

  • 10 minutes guided meditation, 30 minutes of Yoga with the kiddos followed by a 15 minute walk before the rain comes again :)

  • 2y8S98cl.jpg

    30 minute walk, AM Yoga, meditation all in the books.

    Happy Thursday!

  • AM Yoga & Meditation ✅
    20 minutes self development ✅

    30 minute morning walk 🏃🏼‍♀️

    Happy Friday ALL!