Remembering D-Day

  • Seventy years ago, U.S.-led western allies invaded Normandy in an effort to liberate Europeans from Nazi power during World War II. June 6, 1944 ultimately brought down Nazi Germany. We remember those who fought for freedom today.

  • Here is who I work for.
    When Mr. Robby passed away people cried. He was an honest and good man and employer.

    After he stepped down and let Rob III run things, he would occasionally come in at night and tell a driver to get some sleep at home with his wife, tonight was on him and he would do the driver's night run.

    He would just show up and say hello.
    Good Family and they still own the businesses 100% and debt free.

    If they ever sell out to Wall Street, I will probably start looking for another job.
    Free individual health coverage and a 50% 401k match.
    That would not last under Wall Street Management.

    There are still some decent people to work for but they are rare.

    Self employed is the way to go if you can swing it.

    RIP Warriors.
    Never Forget