JUNE Range Report

  • Asleep at the wheel....
    here is 3d's:

    The second shot I jerked the trigger. Rookie mistake...but oh well.

  • Cut in half the long way...

  • JcD2xoHl.jpg

    I set up prone today, 10-16mph, gusty day from my 3 o'clock. I was originally just going to shoot 5 shots and call it a day, but I was a dummy during my first 5. Instead of using my turrets to dial the wind, I was holding (I'm still getting used to being able to dial the wind in my scope), as a result I was all over the place. So I reset, dialed 1/10th right for wind, shot again. Better but not happy with the result. Onto target #3, I blew one shot. Onto #4, so close but still not happy with my one mess up. #5 was finally something that I could stop on. :)

  • Had one perfect shot, the one that landed on the bull.

    The others would all jump up then settle on the bull but land near the peak of the movement up.

    Shot 5, with one perfect shot, tried to adjust and shot 5 more and made it worse.


  • 3- 5 shot groups in first row. Adjusted zero and shot the last 3 the rows of dots (15 shots).


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    5 shots each, front & rear bags on bench & I was kneeling while shooting. 13-20mph gusty nastiness today. :)

  • Lots of verticle today. Still trying to figure that out, but the shots are landing where the cross hairs are.


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    Well after three shots everything was looking great.

    Whoops built my positions slightly different on shot four.


    Oh well shot five also landed a bit high.


  • Got home late tonight. 5 shots off hand from the back porch.


  • Bugholes again today.


    The low shot was the first shot.

    The first shot had a lot of movement so I rebuilt and adjusted the rear bag a bit, next four shots the scope pretty much stayed on target, a little movement but I could barely see it.

    Unfortunately the zero shifted again, which has been a problem I've been fighting a little bit with this rifle but was never sure if it was me or the rifle. Still not 100% sure, but I bet having pillars installed and re bedding the rifle wouldn't hurt.

  • Great end to a good long day.

    100 yards. 3 shots were great. 4 were ok. Don't know what happened on the 5th shot.


  • @dddoo7 said:

    Don't know what happened on the 5th shot.

    Rimfire happened. lol ;)

  • Five shots. First four were good. Last went slightly right.

    My windage dial got turned two clicks accidentally. Might have been bumped or might have been someone turned it. When I put the two clicks back it hit where intended. All three first shots would stack fairly tight as well.


  • Chippin' the head paint....

  • After a bunch of frustrating inaccurate shots from this rifle I ran a couple of cleaning pellets through it. Hoping it makes a difference.

  • I felt really good about today's dots. Every shot either went where it was supposed to or had a valid explanation as to why it didn't.


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  • Banned

    Had to replace our target backer again the other day.

  • Seems to shoot a bit beter after the cleaning but not as good as the old one.
    3rd heart shot went a bit high, catching the corner of his mouth.

  • 0C0BABCB-3A6B-43AD-BCB0-D8B68D5073B6_zpsx1g0s9x8.jpg
    I had a box of 185 hybrids laying around so I decided to play with them. I thoroughly cleaned the barrel and loaded up 20 to foul it with. I loaded them with 38.0 gr of varget 0.015 off the lands. This is what happend when I went to load the rifle.

    Really long bullets. I ended up at mag length about 0.060 off the lands.

    These are the first two five shot groups.


    And second two shot later after mirage settled down some.


    There is potential here. I will do some load development and see what happens.

  • Three groups of five tonight.

    First group 12 was working trying to kneel down with the rifle at the same time.

    Group 13 was setting the Rifle NPA then establishing joint NPA then firing the group.

    Group 14 was done the same way, i only shot it because the first two were really good, no fliers, no odd shots and I thought "tonight will be the night I stack 5 in one jagged hole" and on the 4th shot a mosquito attacked me and I lost my zone and it went high, 5th shot went right where the other 4 went. Oh well.


    Rifle is still jumping up a little bit but it was right on target tonight. I'm going to move the butt pad up a little and see if it helps.

  • Berger load development.

  • Calling fliers on sub .5 map groups haha love it.

    That was one thing I thought of during the training.... dang all the load development I've done until now has been hit or miss.

  • Was windy today.

    I didn't realize how much the wind was whipping around the grain bins.


  • First off I must say that as time goes on I am more and more disappointed that I had to miss the Primal Rights spring training. I feel that I have been left in the dust as those that attended accelerate forward at a much more rapid pace on their understanding and the applications that directly enhance their shooting skills. Even the language describing the daily shooting experiences has changed and got me guessing as to the meanings.
    With that all being said I am happy to see these improvements being made by those that were fortunate enough to attend.
    Lately I have not been able to be a daily shooter; however, today I got to shoot at our range and was pretty happy with some of the results. I know that had I been there in SD this past May perhaps some of the mistakes made today would have been eliminated.
    Shot 50 rounds .22LR (the ELEY Practice I picked up recently), 15 rounds of .308 and 38 rounds of .223.
    This is the first 5 shots out of the .223 this a.m., single shot was the cold bore and #4 was me.
    This is the practice target I shot today, for a match in mid July, 3-5 and 600 yards. Thats a .223 cartridge for comparison.
    And the results, shot some twice (forgot what row I was on)
    The .22lr was real good shot some bughole 5 shot groups.

  • Greag need a little help with some thoughts on 22 Creed.
    This was shot today new brass. I loaded 43 grains H4350, with Fed primers, Berger 80 vld. from left to right started at 2.075 to ogive finished at 2.095. The one shot at 2.090 was my fault. Please let me know your thought for seating depth.
    This was some 6.5 creedmoor with 140 VLD working on seating depth. It looks to me that .040 of lands works best.
    This is 2 groups shot prone with 300WSM at 200 yards. Built my NPA position shot 3 then stood up and got back down into position and shot next 3. I was a little sloppy and rushed before anyone saw me on the second group.
    300wsm at 400 yards off of bench.

  • @tpk936 said:

    This was shot today new brass. I loaded 43 grains H4350, with Fed primers, Berger 80 vld. from left to right started at 2.075 to ogive finished at 2.095. The one shot at 2.090 was my fault. Please let me know your thought for seating depth.

    That new brass part sticks out. I never trust virgin brass... especially after necking down or otherwise manipulating it. I always get a firing on it before I do any serious work. That could be your entire problem. I've seen that before.

    Another thing is that I would consider 43gr to be max load. My coyote setup I run 43, but that's because when I'm coyote hunting it's pretty cold. My "play around" 22CM I'm shooting lately I'm down at 42, and even that's a bit warm. Could be you're pushing too hard.

    It's tough to draw conclusions from the seating depth testing... because the groups are too large from one to the next to really conclude what is going on. I just can't see how you go from 1"+ of vertical stringing in one group, and then ten thousandths later you're down to 1/4". This is especially considering the POI to POA vertical relationship has them going from considerably above the target, to beneath it, to back above it again, all within 20 thousandths.

    It might be a good idea to try a different bullet, or a different powder, or a different lot number of powder... or at least re-do testing with properly treated once fired brass. Try some H1000 maybe, or 4831. Something is out of wack here. Either you've got the worst shooting barrel we've ever sold, or something is going on with the process somewhere. If you need to call and talk things through, I'm here for ya.

  • ocw...a little lower this time. At Orkan's recommendation I'm going with 38.0 gr. Next step is to test it at distance and see what it will do.


  • @dddoo7 that shot from the first group that went out the bottom... you're probably at the point where you're going to have to start culling brass to get rid of those. Each batch of brass I use, I go through a culling period where when one doesn't go where I call on honest shots, I'll set that piece of brass aside. Something off about it. Only AFTER that culling period do I end up weeding out those flyers. They can still show up from time to time, but if I load a piece of brass twice, and both times it tosses a flyer... it gets demoted. Once I've got about 4-5 firings on my brass, my trust level and performance tends to be plateaued out.

    You're now shooting well enough to see that as well. If I'm shooting well with honest shots are being made, and a round falls out more than a tenth of a mil, I know for absolute certain it wasn't me. That round on group one, is borderline, but if that brass did that same thing next time, you'd sure have it on lock down. To keep those pieces separate, I'll just put a definable scratch or score mark on the headstamp of the case. Draw an X through an O or something like that.

  • @orkan thanks Greg I will call you next week. I did have some success at 42.4. I will get the brass prepped this week as it looks like I will be able to shoot next Saturday. Before I load I will give you a call to discuss. Trust me it is not the barrel. I have some 77 Sierra match kings maybe will try some. Talk to you next week. Thanks Tom

  • Long, hot, wet day. I'm over summer already bring on the fall.

    10 shots everything landed where the crosshairs settled, which is still a bit, moving the butt pad had no effect.

    Time to test something else.


  • @rhyno said:

    I'm over summer already bring on the fall.


  • I love the summer. As many of you have heard me say...I would rather 100 deg weather than 30. I hate the cold with a passion.

    No real precision today. I took the aimpoint off and need to adjust the irons as they are off. Pistol is playing the typical games that it plays when it is dirty. Shoot once, manually eject spent case. Shoot twice, manually eject spent case. Etc.


  • NO pictures but had everyone in the back yard trying to ring steel with the 9mm CZ Clone.
    150 rounds went downrange from 10-30 yards.
    Potential Son-In-law is somewhat proficient.
    We got two 50 yard firing lanes cleared out now. Lots of work.
    I will take a picture tomorrow.

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  • Three groups tonight.

    The big one was me trying different things to try and get the rifle to not jump up. Haven't found out what I need to do yet.


    It's been awhile since I measured anything so I decided to measure the two small ones, they were almost the same, close enough I couldn't make out a difference on the calipers.


    Fun stuff.

    I need to buy some magazines. Promag brand are less than $20 each.
    One magazine isn't enough
    25 yards out hitting left of center or missing left and low.
    Any suggestions? Probably my grip and pushing the trigger.

  • If you're a righty, left/low is typically anticipation of recoil.

    ... or your sights need moved. ;)

  • I shoot right handed but am left handed writing. Right eye dominant.
    Nice sights but I think it is my inexperience with a handgun.
    When I am consistently in the same place I'll adjust sights.
    Working on my two hand grip.
    I may try to see if I am more consistent with a one hand hold.
    Did I say this gun was fun?

  • Rmr from the buckmark on the mark II. When I get the buckmark back it will go back on it. Shooting a little high...but grouping ok except for a few pulled shots.


  • Banned

    Orkan and I beat on a c zone at 593 and 1111 yards with our .223AI's. At 593 it is a rather large target so we focused on the 6"x6" top portion

  • Awesome!

  • Back to the home range.

    185 Bergers. 0.020" deeper so they feed reliably in the mags. Doesn't look like seating depth hurt the groups. 5 shot groups.


  • Who I hope is going to be Future Stepson In Law brought his Walther/Colt 1911 22LR over this evening and we went through 200 rounds of ammo between us. I didn't take a target picture but the pattern is very distinct now as most of the paint in about a 3"x5" area 2" left of center is worn off.
    We backed off until we couldn't hit better than75% which was about 30 yards.
    20 yards and closer was 90% or better with plenty of ten shot rapid strings hitting all ten.
    Trigger on the Kimber is better. Better magazine on the Colt clone and it locks open on empty.
    Better sights on the Kimber and better barrel with bushing and lighter overall weight.