When you start to get discouraged...look back

  • To see how far you've come. :)

    I find myself getting slightly discouraged at times while I'm working on bettering my shooting. The group's aren't as small as I'd like or I'm not reading the wind right, or sometimes I just can't get comfortable or whatever. I found myself doing that today. I want to be able to consistently shoot pea sized groups like Orkan & I know I can do it, I just lack consistency in some areas. So instead of getting down on myself I decided to look back:

    My first rimfire challenge back in March and my first time shooting my Anshutz:

    My best rimfire challenge:

    And then I look at my groups recently & conditions I'm shooting in...I've come a long ways in a short amount of time.

    So let this be a reminder to all, when you start to get discouraged, look at the larger picture & compare yourself to your best before. I bet you'll see a vast improvement. Keep practicing and you'll get better!

  • I encourage you to post your comparisons, let's see how far you've come!