Single payer healthcare costs

  • Not that I doubt anyone here would need convincing but if you all haven't heard California recently released a report that it would cost them about 400 Billion dollars to implement single payer healthcare. (More then doubling their current budget of about 190 Billion)

    I was bored at work while mowing so I decided to crunch some numbers using that as a reference.

    Using California as a basis it costs roughly $10,230 per year per person, about 3.288 Trillion dollars if that held up for the entire US population.

    According to a 2013 report I found only 43% of the population pays taxes, so roughly 138,202,000 people currently.

    So each tax payer would have to pay roughly $23,791 on top of what they already pay in taxes to implement single payer across the nation.

    Just thought I'd share the little number crunching I did.

  • Not worth it.

    Why is everyone so concerned with being alive these days? Why is death looked at as such a problem? I'm not talking about purposeful death, accidents, murders, and all that... Obviously that kind of thing should be guarded against. ... but death by natural causes due to age, diet, or disease. Why do people fight it SO hard? More importantly, why do people think that OTHER people should pay for keeping them alive?

    I don't feel as if anyone owes me anything. When I go before God, I'll do so having done my best, and ask forgiveness for it all. I certainly don't expect someone else to pay for my privilege of any more days than I'm due.

  • A report released Tuesday by the Department of Health and Human Services shows a significant hike in the average cost of individual plans since 2013 in 39 states.

    In 2013, the average annual cost of a premium for an individual health care plan was $2,784. By 2017, the average annual cost for a premium for an individual health care plan on was $5,712. Thirty-nine states use

  • My health insurance plan was $79 when I first got it (at 17 years old).

    When I added my wife to the plan turning it into a family plan 12 years ago it rose to somewhere around $350/mo.

    In 2010 when Obamacare passed my family premiums were about $425/mo.

    As of today...we have the same plan...same coverage and we are paying just over $850/mo.

    Now...I CHOOSE to have health insurance. I like the peace of mind of knowing that if anything catastrophic happens that I am covered. Something as simple as a snake bite could wipe me out for years to come. insurance is not a is a privileged. As a privilege it is not guaranteed to anyone. Forcing insurance companies to insure ANYONE will obviously drive up the prices for people who have maintained their coverage all along. Therefore...not that it matters...but I consider my health insurance increase in the last several years to be due to the fact that I am helping pay for coverage on people that the government has forced insurance companies to accept.

    Now...I also know first hand...not for myself but first hand...that lower income families are receiving drastically discounted health insurance rates. One person I know maintained their own health insurance...until the priced it on the market place. His family policy was around $800/mo before checking the marketplace. When he applied through the marketplace their premiums were $85/mo. Who is paying the difference because I know that insurance is not that cheap?

    Same story on every topic. If you turn something over to the government to manage will be more expensive and run less efficient regardless of what it is.

  • Here is a blog I have been following for years,

    His take on Health Care from 2009 when the ACA was being debated.

    His simple proposal.

  • When I switched jobs then had a bunch of health issues I proved insurance through obama care and IIRC it was like $900 or so, with some stupid crazy high deductible.

    Absurd, but compared to what California predicts it will cost to implement single payer that would be cheap.

  • Single Payer subsidizes medical industry profits the same way no bid contracts subsidizes military contractors. Nobody complains though about getting a hip replacement like they will for the $10k toilet seat for a C-17.

    Single Payer is still arguing about who pays the bill rather than questioning why the bill is so high to begin with. Wall Street doesn't care who pays just as long as they get paid the inflated costs compared to other countries.

    On pre-existing conditions.

  • Last article.

    A Clear Illustration of The Problem

  • Socialism is for fags