Sig Mosquito Yay or nay?

  • Need something to train my wife and stepdaughter with before louder pistols.
    Sitting on 3k+ rounds of bulk 22LR Right now.

    Gander Mtn Going out of business has one for $382.

    Good gun?
    Good deal?
    Appears to be threaded already.

  • Beretta M9-22 is $339 but the full sized frame is big for the ladies in my life.

    Ruger SR22 is $382, nope.

    Sig 1911-22 Camo is $424

  • Mosquito's are pretty unreliable. At least the several that I've played with.

    I'd put them a tiny bit better than a walther p22 in terms of quality... which isn't very good.

    Get a buckmark. Yes, more money... but it will last significantly longer and be viewed as a good investment rather than a poor one 10yrs from now.

  • I went down this path about 6 months ago because I wanted a better pistol than I had for a 22 and particularly a suppressor host.

    Many of the newer 22 pistols have followed the pattern of the walther p22. I bought a p22 because so many people raved about how good that pistol is. The p22 is a pile of garbage in comparison to ANY decent 22 pistol. The trigger is horrible...and there is no fix for that. Accuracy is horribly subpar. Reliability is come and go. There is even a pdf book that has been written called the "p22 bible" which is fairly long and discussing how to keep the thing running right. Now..the SR22, misquito, m&p22 and several others are too much like the p22 for me to even be interested in them.

    I also refuse to buy sig because their quality control is lacking considering their price point. I have handled the 1911 sig .22 and the quality did not impress me.

    Really...If you are looking for a good quality .22 that will have decent accuracy there are about three good choices in a sub $500 price range.

    Ruger MK2, 3, 4
    S&W Victory
    Browning Buckmark

    I have first hand experience with the Ruger series (Mark 2, 3). The Mark 2's are substantially nicer than the newer mark 3's and are great pistols. They are accurate and triggers are ok from the factory. A volquartsen trigger is an easy upgrade that makes them shoot really well. Many of these are factory threaded and therefore are set up as a suppressor host. The problem with the ruger Mark series is that when shooting suppressed they get dirty fast. That means they need to be completely torn down about every 300 rounds...and even then the last 100 or so rounds will not be fully reliable. I love my mark 2...but have chosen to upgrade because of these issues.

    The S&W victory was on my list of pistols I was interested in as well...but the victory has the same closed bolt design as the mark 2 with suppressor blow back I can't imagine it performing any different than the mark 2. I have not shot this one suppressed and might be wrong...but with a similar design I didn't want to try it.

    That leaves us with the buckmark. I picked one up about 6 months ago at the recommendation of @orkan . The pistol is comfortable to shoot and just as accurate as the mark 2 is. It is an open bolt design and therefore should not need to be cleaned nearly as often as the mark series of pistols will. The trigger is excellent for a factory trigger. I do not intend to upgrade the trigger. The only down side to these pistols is that the only factory threaded model is a 5.5" barrel. My ruger with 4.5" will allow about 2 in 100 bulk pack 22lr to go super sonic. I would imagine the 5.5" barrel would allow somewhere around 25-30% of them to go super sonic. I do not want this and in my opinion 5.5" is too long for a suppressed .22lr barrel for this reason. Therefore I bought a non-threaded bull barrel model and have sent it to travis to be cut and threaded at 4".

    If you don't ever intend to shoot suppressed than the mark series will probably be satisfactory for you. If you want to shoot suppressed at some point then I would buy the buckmark. You can always have it threaded later should you get a suppressor.

  • I have owned a Beretta 87 in 22lr for a lot of years and it is my favorite pistol.I been shooting for over 50 years and refuse to buy shit any more.I have owned a couple of ruger Mark pistols and liked them,but the Beretta keeps me smiling.Your doing the right thing by asking about a gun your interested in.

  • I will talk to my local independent dealer about the Buckmark.

    Thanks everyone.

  • OK at my local guy.
    Sold his last Buckmark
    Used M&P22 threaded.
    Kimber 1911 rimfire target 22 with an awesome trigger
    Lots of Rugers 3 &4
    SW 22 Victory
    SW 21A
    SW 22 Target

    So far the Kimber has the best trigger

  • Are you determined to buy from that guy only?

    I bet that kimber rimfire 1911 would be fun.

  • What target model is the S&W? I have heard that the model 41's are nice.

    However...if you spend a few dollars more now and get what you want you won't have to buy another later.

  • The Kimber is used and they will sell for $449. New is $900+ or $650 used elsewhere.

    I just put it on Lay away.

    Wow, just checked GB.
    This one is used. $899

    Slide kits are $300

  • I can always apply the money to something else if I change my mind.


  • I like that Kimber,If it feels good in your hand and there is no problems with it jump on it.

  • It pointed very naturally and the trigger was the best in the store even compared to some other custom Glocks and Sigs and 1911s.
    Rosewood grips.
    Bushings on the barrel like a full 45 Kimber.
    Actually manufactured by Kimber.
    The Beretta M9-22 was made by Umarex.

    Just no box.
    Extra magazines are around $20.

  • Kimber roulette.

    I'd try to shoot the shit out of it as soon as you get it. 1911s usually have a break in period.

    That way you can hopefully tell the difference between new 1911 hang ups and a actual problem.

    Edit. Oh it's a .22 never mind. I have no experience with them.

  • @hypo said:

    trigger was the best in the store

    I sure hope you weren't dry firing.

  • @dddoo7 The 41"s are a sweet ass pistol.Had one when I was a kid and kick myself in the ass for selling it.

  • Empty 22 case in the chamber.

    They actually have Center -X in Stock and some RWS R50

    Was looking at the Kimber page and they only have the slide kits in the 2017 catalog.

    Should I buy some spare parts while they are available?
    Now that you mentioned it, I will test fire it out back next payment I make.
    They have a bullet trap but not a range.

    Need to buy more steel targets too.