So, what's everyone up to?

  • Been pretty quiet lately. Everyone out taking advantage of spring weather to complete some non-shooting related projects?

  • Kids sports. Both my kids made all stars this year and I'm coaching the girls softball team.

    Oh and it's the end of the fiscal for my company. So work has been slammed too.

  • Yard work, and more yard work.

    Took me 4 hours to mow the other day, it needs mowed again.

    Tried digging in my horse shoe pits before it rained.

    Help the parent with their mower the other day.

    Also it rained 4.5" over the last week so that prevented a lot od stuff.

  • @rhyno sounds like you're going to give the farmers up north a run for their money on the best yard 😜

  • @gash definitely not lol.

    I don't fertilize or anything because it's a whole acre. But there's been enough rain I've had to mow. Give it a month and I won't have to mow since it'll go dormant. Lol

  • I've been cleaning the banana patches and trying to keep the grass and weeds under control as well.
    Seeing the MDs has been taking a lot of time lately as well.

    This week I will be setting my chassis backup to shoot righty and should have my left eye's vision restored on Wed.

  • I've been playing catch up from being gone.

    Calibrating wrenches to ship out. Processing brass. Working on office work. You know...lots of fun stuff.

  • Speaking of torque wrenches, those fix it sticks are awesome.

    I'll be curious to see if the held up to lots of use over time. Wouldn't mind tearing one apart to see what kind off mechanism they're using.

  • My folks are putting solar on their house, so I've been assisting with that.

    They used it as pretext to cut back a tree in our neighbors yard. I think it's a podicarpus? or something. The damn thing grows like a weed so it'll be back bigger in a year or two.

    Totally unrelated, but does anyone know of a way to covertly kill a tree?

  • @rhyno

    I had that concern as well...but they are rated at 5,000 repetitions. That will last for quite some time no more than I am using them...and if I ever do wear them out they are not that expensive.

  • Prepping brass last night while my wife played PS4. I clamped the Coax to the coffee table.
    Were were snuggled up. Got one problem handled, meaning one less person in the house.
    Peace reigns again.

  • I've been shoot'n! BUT a lot of 1st and 4th grade girls soccer too.

    Getting ready to start some load dev on the new SMK 110's for my 6xc. Been annealing,resizing the cases and they are currently under going PrimalRice treatment as I type.

  • @orkan We've been working on the house. A small bedroom has been converted into a new laundry room. We're replacing cedar soffit with cement board. Reworking the entry, living room, replacing fixed windows with double hung windows and adding doors for better access to the newly rebuilt two story covered deck.

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    @rr2241tx that is a really neat looking house you got there!

  • Heck of a lot of work right there. :) Looks good though.

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