Load Data Organization

  • Boy, looking at the load data page is a bit dis-organized.

    Like the 223 Remington loads, There's .223 remington, .223 Rem, 223 Remmington.

    Is there a way to standardize the naming a little bit?

    Maybe a drop down box with pre-populated names, with an option to submit a new name (in case of wildcats or non popular cartridges) that can be approved by a mod.

  • That is a good idea.

  • Thank you for this feedback.

    I had hoped that people would simply see the auto-populated version of what they are typing in, and then just chose it.... but as you can see people have typed in 3 different types of .223 rem so far.

    We will add this to the list and see if we can come up with a workable resolution. :)

  • In the load data section I didn't see the option for 300wm?

  • @para72 said:

    In the load data section I didn't see the option for 300wm?

    The load data section is not like you find on other websites that have load data. We do not simply compile load data from various reloading books and pass it on as if it were real information. Here, all load data is generated by users. You can click on each of the loads presented, and see the homework that user did to create the load, if any is available. You can then make an informed decision on how much weight to give that load data based on your perception of that users competency based on the activity you see in his firearm profile.

    The reason you can not find any 300WM load data, is because a user has not created a 300WM load data entry in their firearm profile as of yet.

    If a user creates a firearm profile for a 300WM, adds a barrel, and then adds load data for it... his entry will then be displayed on the load data page for your consideration.

  • We've come up with a better way of doing this. It's going to take a short bit to get implemented, so hang in there. When we get the change done, I'll be sure to update in here so you guys can check your load data entries and ensure the correct cartridges are listed.