Magnetospeed sporter

  • Help me make a decision please, I am looking to buy a magnetospeed sporter because it's cheaper than the V3. At the moment I don't reload, hopefully in a future. So I'm just going to use it to know the speed of some factory loads to get more accurate firing solutions out to 1100 yards and if it is able to measure the speed of shotgun lead shot too (just for curiosity). Now I am able to engage 985 yards target (30x30 inch) with Eld X factory ammo without much wind thanks to the trial and error data collected from previous engagements.

    Do you find enough reasons to purchase it or not worth the investment? Is the V3 more accurate reading speed?

  • @toni

    My understanding is that the V3 and the sporter use the same method for gathering data and therefore should be just as precise. the V3 obviously comes with quite a few more bells and whistles that I feel are worth the money...but they may not be to you. The sporter is not capable of reading suppressed velocities. One must remove the suppressor in order to attach the Chrono...and with a 22" barrel on an SRS that is not even possible because it is under the handguard.

    Now...I don't know what magnetospeed's official stance is on gathering velocities from shotguns...but I would not want to do that with a magnetospeed. The bayonet is supposed to be within 1/4 of the barrel and extends out about 12" past the end of the barrel. I would not trust the shot/wad to stay out of the bayonet when it is that close to the barrel.

  • I think I have to pay a lot of money for so little use, this is the only place where I could buy it in Spain