Rifle Cleaning

  • I currently have a 6.5 Creedmoor barrel with the bore soaking with wipe out/patch out. I'm feeling pretty bad as I like to clean about every 100 rounds, but this time it got up to about 200. Anyone else have some cleaning they need to do? My .223AI is up next.

  • I cleaned mine a few days ago in preparation for the class. The DTA and my 40x are the only rifles I shoot regularly so nothing else that really needs cleaning. Have fun though :)

  • I have a pistol that desperately needs to be torn apart and cleaned. I should really pay it some love so I can get back to shooting it regularly.

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  • I'm sure my BRX is slogged full from this weekend in the dirt and dust at the SD Steel Classic.

  • I'll have to give my rifle a good cleaning before this weekend.

    Mu pistols need cleaned as well.

  • I just ordered the Lyman borescope.

    I'm fairly religious about cleaning after each trip regardless of round count, but it will be nice to examine the condition of the barrel on all my rifles.

    I'm interested in what that savage will look like.....

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  • Hopefully it will have rifling.

  • @hypo

    I'm not a savage guy, but the ~5 shots I shoot out of the rifle every year group so well I don't see how it could not have rifling.

    I've never actually decoppered this rifle, and I don't bother with much more than a bore snake and some hoppes for this one, so I'm more interested to see how much crap is built up in the bore.

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