Bore scope

  • I just bought the Lyman bore scope, and after about 5 minutes playing with it, I do believe that everyone who shoots as a hobby should have one.

    The pictures it captures don't really do it justice either.

    This is my old factory 308 barrel, had less then 1000 rounds on it easy.

    Some of those pictures look terrible that first one is right at the end of the chamber I believe, look at how ragged that is.

    Then there one picture of my 260 barrel with about 1200 rounds on it, this is dirty so i'll be interested to see if it cleans up a bit or if that's some fire-cracking, not show is the massive carbon ring I'll have to try and scrub out.

    This was worth it, and I haven't done much with it, but I can tell just using it very little it will help with cleaning

  • I am close to 1300 rounds on my 308 barrel and it has the same jagged edge yours has.

    When I first got mine I spend 5 hours on my 308 barrel...and I thought it was pretty clean before I started. Good news is that cleaning gets easier after the first time.

    There are not many Lyman tools that I see as worth the money...but this one works.

  • That barrel isn't even on a rifle. It was the original barrel on my current rifle.

  • Mail in rebate. Bleh... I hate when they do that.