South Dakota Steel Classic 2017

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    We helped out as ROs for the 2017 SD Steel Classic PRS Shoot this weekend. It was a very busy weekend and I only managed to get a couple of pictures.
    The first one is our stage (stage 12 and 23) on Friday where ROs can check out the course of fire. Orkan and I proofed our stage with various calibers. We checked out how the targets reacted to light hitting calibers, calibers we expected to see most people using, and calibers on the higher end of energy, all within the rules of the match.


    Saturday and Sunday went so quickly I wasn't able to grab much for pictures. My eye was practically glued to a spotting scope both days. It wasn't until everyone had left and I was done tearing down the equipment we set up that I remembered the lack of pictures.

    Our stage had 5 square targets that went out to about 1300 yards. Saturday the wind wasn't too terrible and we had a handful of guys post some really good scores. Sunday the wind picked up to 15-25mph and definitely made for a sporting stage! We only had one guy clean our stage with a perfect score on Sunday. Thanks to all that came out and we hope to see you again next year!

  • Travis made some beautiful rifles for this again too.

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    For those not familiar with this type of competition, the targets on our sponsored stage were at 526 yards, 726 yards, 886 yards, 1185 yards and 1261 yards. Shooters had a max round count of 10 and there were a maximum of 10 points available. A first round hit was worth 2 points and then shooter would move on. A second round hit was worth 1 point and shoot would move on. If the second round was also a miss, shooter would move on. On Saturday shooters had 2 minutes to do this, Sunday shooters had 1 minute 30 seconds.

    I really like day 2, it shows the importance of proper equipment. You don't get away with magazines that jam or don't feed properly.

    There was a vast array of items on this year's prize table, including a CPS and two CPS_Lites.

  • Did they have to estimate range or was it known?

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    All targets at this shoot were known distance.