Illinois: Contact your State Representative in Opposition to Legislation that could Force your Local Gun Dealer to Close!

  • SB 1657 would create onerous mandatory regulations, fees potentially in the thousands of dollars and excessive amounts of red tape that would almost assuredly force the closure of many firearm dealers, and prevent prospective owners from opening new ones. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) already licenses and closely monitors all federally licensed firearm dealers (FFLs) and strictly enforces any violation of federal law.

    SB 1657 goes far beyond federal law and is designed to shut down as many FFLs as possible.

  • Urgent Alert - SB1657 Moves To The House

    Many of you know that SB1657 - a bill to curtail retail firearm sales - passed the Illinois Senate last week and now moves on to the Illinois House for concurrence. If SB1657 is passed into law, here is what will happen:

    1. Hundreds of shooting sports entrepreneurs will be forced out of business. Among them will be gun shops, ranges, and gunsmiths. As a result, you may have to drive hundreds of miles to exercise your ever-dwindling right to keep and bear arms.

    2. Increased dealer overhead costs linked to the cost of compliance with the bill will raise the retail price of new guns by up to $300 or more. Essentially, this bill places a tax on your constitutional rights.

    3. It will be illegal for you to sell your gun collection without first spending many of thousands of dollars for a state license.

    4. Anyone who purchases a firearm will be subjected to warrantless electronic surveillance by the authorities. Additionally, personal information of all gun buyers will be gathered and electronically indexed by state agencies.


  • Long read.
    The License Board and the barriers to entry requiring experience and education are similar to Trade Licenses.

    The Board appears to be the biggest issue.
    Only one of the 5 members would be a FFL.
    Sheriff, State Police, active FFL, Safety advocate, Lawyer
    Stacked deck right there.

  • 10 transfer per year limit on personal sales or a one time liquidation before requiring a license.

  • Right... because this is going to stop all the degenerate gang bangers in chicago from being degenerate gang bangers. ... right?

  • IL has the stupidest guns laws around. I lived there for almost 12 years and the main reason I never even wanted to deer hunt there is because they don't allow hunting with rifles, only with shot guns.

    It is painfully apparent that gun restrictions are not working, as Chicago is the murder capital of the country. Any 4th grader can reason that criminals don't follow laws, so these stupid laws will only affect the law abiding. But it should also be painfully apparent to us that it's not about stopping crime, it's the left's agenda to take guns away from law abiding citizens, so that they can in turn do whatever the hell they want. Just look at Mexico. My dad and uncles remember when the military was going around confiscating guns from people. In Mexico, you are only allowed a 1-shot .22, any other gun, you need to be part of a shooting club, pay a ton of money in membership and permit fees, and you can only carry your gun to and from the gun club. Except, nobody passed that memo to the cartels, those people are better armed than the police and military.

  • So what are all of your thoughts on the Springfield and Rock Island aspect of this?

  • @rhyno Are they sponsors or supporting any politician that supports it?

    Location just means more paperwork for them but they are grandfathered in.
    The storage requirements, video taping requirements, 500 feet from a school unless Grandfathered in are going to be expensive.
    If a License lapses the old location will probably have to move if it is too close to a school but the wording allows any additional regulations to be added by bureaucratic action rather then legislatively.

    That is the big catch.
    Compliance will probably turn out to be a moving target.

  • People were wondering why they were excluded.

    They found that both were donating to the Democrats and that they didn't come out against it outright.

    Now everyone wants to boycott them, as I understand it.

  • The Law is also a barrier to entry into the market as a manufacturer.
    Cui Bono?
    Follow the money.
    Once you start paying protection money, you can never stop without a fight that you may not win.

  • No more Springfield or RRA for me.
    Here's some angry Russian talking about it. I have to agree with him. This is RRA and Springfield giving us a big middle finger.

  • I would bet, that if you dig hard enough every gun company is giving money to both parties. If that's what's going on, I haven't read much into it.