Recoil pad offset

  • With my chassis I can change the recoil pads height and cant(pitch) but not the offset.
    I am finding myself fighting to maintain a good cheek weld lefty due to an uncooperative arthritic neck ( it bends fine righty).
    The butt stock is an XLR Tactical and would allow me to turn it so it offsets but then the bottom of the stock that rides the bag would be canted and not be level to the main chassis. I think this may cause a problem in recoil.
    I have thought of 2 approaches to deal with this issue, make a plate that allows up to 3/8" offset in either direction or attach a round bar to the stock and rotate the stock.
    Any suggestions?

  • Can you show a pic of your specific buttstock? I want to make sure we're talking about the right one.

  • This is the 1...

  • In situations like this with students that are rocking KMW or similar hardware, we just slide their cheek piece over. You could do that same thing, but you'd have to modify your cheek piece. You'd have to chop off one side and introduce longer screws and a spacer setup on the one side to push it over to the desired location. I assume the problem being your face and not your shoulder pocket.

    This would be easy for me to diagnose in person. Sucks you won't be there next week.

  • @orkan said:
    Sucks you won't be there next week.

    Yes it does^^^

    I have another cheek piece from XLR that I got a few years ago for a different rifle. I lopped off one side already, I'll try that one. It was cut for shooting righty and is the extreme stocks type cheek rest. It sure is worth a try.
    Thanks Greg.

  • A little background to this; I did call XLR to see if I could buy a blank stock plate. But was told no due to their manufacturing process.
    With a plate the offset could easily be adjusted either way.

  • Just curious, if you moved the buttpad offset to the rifles centerline, wouldn't that make recoil management more difficult?

  • I really do not know, however quite a few custom stocks are made with the offset specifically for the person that will be shooting the gun.
    Here is an article also about setting up a tube gun that goes into the proper recoil pad cant and offset.

  • Stock setup for sling shooters is not the same as what is desirable for us bipod/rear bag guys. Lots of things can be made to work as long as you understand the underlying principles.

  • @orkan said:

    Stock setup for sling shooters is not the same as what is desirable for us bipod/rear bag guys. Lots of things can be made to work as long as you understand the underlying principles.

    I look at these to see if there is something that can be applied to us guys, as take away possible solutions. What got me looking at the tube guns was the beautiful pistol grips.

  • This is my rough template for what I actually want to do; Add a plate that allows 3/8" adjustment either L or R.
    I have 1/4" plate but, unfortunately, not the tool resources that were once available to me.

  • A friend of mine, who has a small hobby mill, was kind enough to make a plate from some 6061 I had.
    My stock now has the ability to adjust the cheek pad height and the recoil pad height, cant and horizontal cast. I added another threaded hole so that I can get even more height adjustment from the recoil pad. The top of the recoil pad can now sit inline with the bore.
    Unfortunately, I have yet to do any live firing due to governmental intervention.
    It sure feels good and natural in my dry fire practice. I am hoping to get out Friday if the weather cooperates.
    Here are some pictures:

  • After live fire great! As some may know I have usually run scope, rifle combo as canted rifle, level scope. With this plate and the rest of the adjustability of the XLR stock I can adjust the scope and rifle as level level. The cant and cast off plates allow me to properly shoulder the rifle without inducing cant and position the bore closer to the center of my body. The result is no canted rifle and a much more natural cheek weld.