Benchrest, F-Class, Hi-Power, and Tactical/Practical. Stay in your lane FFS.

  • Why is it that people from different disciplines can not seem to stay in their lane?

    Benchrest - Thousand-plus dollar rests with single shot actions and flat bottom super-wide stocks.

    F-Class (Belly benchrest) - Prone on the ground, bipods with a stance of 2ft riding on little boards they bring with, and rifles configured similarly to benchrest.

    Hi-Power (sling shooters) - Prone, $2000 jackets/slings, open sights most often, 2ft bloop tubes and stocks with 32 adjustments.

    Tactical/Practical (PRS/LRH) - You, your rifle, anytime, anywhere, any condition, any position, any target = make the shot.

    It seems that people from groups 1-3 are constantly found trying to tell group #4 what's up. Yet when those people whom are in groups 1-3 come try to play with group #4 they get their asses crushed into oblivion. National champions of the previous 3 groups have tried to come into group 4 and were middle of the pack. A typical benchrest match has what... a dozen guys? 25? 50 tops? PRS competitors are routinely fighting for points among a field of salty ass shooters 150-200 strong.

    So why the hell are benchrest competitors weighing in about what scope practical/tactical shooters should be using? Why are they commenting on what rifles and actions should be used? You don't see practical/tactical shooters going and trying to hand out advice to guys in the first 3 groups. It just doesn't really happen. Square range disciplines, ALL of them, have their own specific methods. They are pure, in that all shooters are shooting at the same time/place with the same targets, same distance, and same conditions.

    One of the dipshits on one of the "other sites" clearly called one of his "buddies" to come try to set some of us straight, and the "advice" he's handing out is complete shit. It's going to cost people money, sure as I'm sitting here. Come to find out he is (or at least claims to be) a 2015 national benchrest light gun champion. Of course mr talented doesn't say his name... but it's hardly relevant considering the piss poor level of understand he has regarding field capable optics. Just what motivates a guy in that position with his experiences derived from square range disciplines to start handing out advice for field shooters? I don't go around handing out advice to benchrest competitors. I don't know shit about it. I've only done it about 10 times in my entire life. Yon don't see me handing out "advice" on what front rest is best to use do you? Yet when it comes to grabbing a rifle and poking a distant target with that first round, I'm better than most. I've proven that fact many times against many people... some of whom are top 10 - top 20 ranked shooters in PRS.

    Some square range activities directly carry over. For instance, reloading practices. There can be much to learn from benchresters in this area. SOME of them anyway. ... but yet again, what works on a bench in those predictable conditions does not translate to 30mph winds while laying in the dirt getting your face and rifle sandblasted, or the arctic cold found when hunting throughout the winter. Context is EVERYTHING.

    So what would possess someone who's experiences are derived from one discipline to show up on a website dedicated to a different discipline and start handing out advice?

    That's what I get for going back to that dogshit site. I clicked logout. I need that bullshit like I need a house fire. Y'all need to shoot more so we have a reason to talk about more here. lol

  • I'm not saying that this doesn't happen, because it does.

    But I don't think this latest instance is that kind of case. I think this guy is just a troll.

    At least judging by the way he types, and how he has not back up anything with personal experience that can be verified but quickly called up the experience of others.

    His name would suggest someone younger, but his posting would suggest otherwise, and his fascination with his Navy sniper mk13 duplicate is interesting as well.

    All smells very trollish to me.

  • I ran his IP this morning as soon as I saw his post. He's not someone that had an account already that I can prove.

  • @orkan said:

    Y'all need to shoot more so we have a reason to talk about more here. lol

    I just shot a 20 round box of target seeking accurate Hornady ELD-X rounds from my Savage hunting gun, I think I am ready to give some sound advice to bench rest and F-class shooters. Who's with me? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

  • After the class I'all certainly get back to more shooting.

    I've ran in to a frustrating wall with a couple things, the same issue keeps presenting itself and I can't figure it out on my own.

  • @rhyno said:

    After the class I'all certainly get back to more shooting.

    I've ran in to a frustrating wall with a couple things, the same issue keeps presenting itself and I can't figure it out on my own.

    There's NOTHING you can't figure out on your own.

    I might be able to save you some time is all. ;)

  • I have no doubts that I can work through my shooting deficiencies on my own. It just might take 10 years of shooting and experimenting to get there. I am more than willing to stand on your shoulders if it will save me some time and headache.

  • @orkan time, and money. Though one is certainly infinitely more valuable than the other.

  • First time here today..... what happened?

  • @ragnarnar said:

    First time here today..... what happened?

    A benchrest shooter says leupolds are top end scopes, I'm an inexperienced reloader, I don't know anything about digital scales, and I'm a bully. That pretty much sums it up.

    Meanwhile I'm about to start cleaning my 5th rifle today so far.

  • @orkan

    I would say only one of those things is true, and that's mostly dependent on ones opinion of savage rifles.....😉

    I should have clarified, where? I didn't see a link

  • @ragnarnar said:

    I didn't see a link

    Don't trouble yourself. It's pointless. ;)

  • It's because prs and the other similar leagues are the new kids on the block when compared to the other disciplines, and no body likes the new kids. It's the same way those in the hot rod communities view those that build rat rods. Just because it looks all run down and rust doesn't mean it won't drag your rolling piece of chome in a drag race!