May Fitness

  • Thought if there was enough interest, we could do monthly fitness logs :)

    So if you're up for it....Log your activity in here :)

    May 1st: 20 minute brisk walk

  • We go to the local Y and I am doing intervals on a treadmill

    all the below are at a 3.5 deg incline

    • warm up - 2 mins (brisk walk; 2.5mph)
    • fast walk - 2 mins (3.5mph)
    • jog - 2 mins (5.5mph)
    • fast 2alk - 2 mins (3.5mph)
    • jog -2 mins (5.5mph)
      repeat for a total 5-6 cycles
    • cool off walk - 3 mins (2mph)
      I think that's about 25 mins or so

    Then I go play racquetball for another 30 mins or so.

  • May 1:
    20 minutes of bent over running, holding onto the bike seat, trying to teach my kid to ride his bike without training wheels. :smirk:

  • @curt1521 LOL

    That sounds fun. We skipped the training wheels all together. Our kiddos had a balance bike (those bikes without pedals that allow the kid to basically run while seated). Once they outgrew that bike they went straight to a bike kid bike with pedals and no training wheels. It took them a bit to get the handle of the pedals, but not very long and they were off and riding as if they'd been riding that bike for years.

  • I find it helps to have a training partner, but it's challenging to find one who can go consistently on a daily basis. Maybe this will help motivate me.
    Here's what I did today. I repeat this set, and hopefully the one I'll post tomorrow. Each Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday. The idea is evey day you add a little more weight. Even if it's only a pound or two.

    Warm up.

    Barbell squat. 3X6 at 315
    Deadlift 3X6 at 405
    Leg press 3X6 with 14 45lb plates plus carriage weight
    Seated calf raise 3X10 at 275
    Bar bell curl 3X6 at 135
    Narrow bench press 3X6 at 225

  • 30 minute walk with a couple of kids & cats. Cranky Tom (the one in front) made it the whole 30 minutes. Mittens (the smaller one) walked about half of it with us.


  • I don't know if this counts; I cut a half acre of grass today with a push mower...:smirk:

  • @mamalukino that's a good workout :)

  • I've been working a lot in our yard lately. Kind of taking it easy...
    The older I get the better I waz...
    Need a body parts store like a Napa for humans.
    I'm hoping brain transplants can happen before I croak, I'd get me one of them 18 year old models....:laughing:

  • Not the brain, the body....

  • fYrpbEV.png
    45 minute walk with Cranky Tom :)

  • 15 minute walk & about 10 minutes of stretching done today :)

    What did you do to get your blood flow a moving?

  • 10 mile hike in meman Shelby forest today with my son and dad. Still prepping for the canyon.

    Saw this little thing right next to the trail. Almost stepped on him. He was at least 4 feet long and big enough around that I couldn't have put my fingers around it.

    Timber rattler



  • Did you see the snake or hear it first?

    Started walking around the trucking terminal in Tampa. Did a mile. Want to work it up for 9 laps which will be 3 miles then pick up the pace once I can walk it briskly.
    Noticed that my hamstrings and calf muscles just don't have the flexibility they used to by my sleeping position.
    I sit so much driving that I now sleep in a similar position on my side.

    When I was a City driver making 20+ stops a day I wasn't like that and was 40 pounds lighter.

    Been back on the road for my 4th yearly job bid now.

    I will exercise out here rather than go back to the Rat Race for a workout.

  • @hypo

    I saw it about 3 feet before I stepped on it. Backed away very quickly. Then threw sticks thinking it would leave...but it didn't. Had to circumvent the snake in the high grass where we were very nervous about another one. But hey...we KNEW there was a snake on the path. So thinking there might be one was much better than knowing there was one.

  • @mamalukino

    Wow. Well if I ever happen to ALREADY have a rattlesnake by the tail I will know what to do. Otherwise I will steer clear or throw lead at them.

  • He ain't that kind of Preacher.
    There are still some snake handlers up in the North Georgia Mountains though.
    Some Foot Washing Baptists are up there too.
    Did that as a kid but never the serpents.

  • I have faith in God...but never once did he promise to protect me from physical stupidity. On the other hand...he did tell me to take care of the physical body he has given me...which includes trying not to get bit by rattlers.