A Plastic Ocean

  • https://www.netflix.com/title/80164032

    Absolutely horrific.

    How can people be so mindless?

  • I live 150 yards off a windward side beach. It isa "trash" beach due to the currents and predominant win directions. 40 years ago the "trash" was mostly drift wood and occasionally Japanese glass net floats of various sizes.
    Today's trash is now predominantly plastic crap and at on time there was period where medical waste washed up including hypodermic needles some company was dumping locally.
    I'm no tree hugger, but it pisses me off when people disrespect the environment.
    That list includes the so called agents of the gov. that initiate, condone and allow stupid acts, such as the introduction of alien species that end up throwing the natural ecosystem a kilter.
    I have watched the devastation to the aquatic populations due to DLNR's mismanagement and the impact of the chemicals used for fertilizer and herbacides and the plastic flotsam of others trash from around the Pacific.

  • I probably don't do the best at this, not even sure if recycling is available around here.

    But it pisses me off seeing all the trash and crap people throw out of their cars.

    When I'd live in town I'd go to the city park and walk my dog and pick up trash, they have trash and everywhere but no people are to lazy to throw stuff in them. Sometimes literally only feet away.

    Here's a related feel good article though.


  • One of the first things my Dad told me was to never throw trash on the ground.
    He said to put it in your pocket until you get to a trash can.
    Still do the same thing to this day.

    My Daughter is a Real Estate Agent now and there are lots of Laws regarding the Fair Housing Act.
    Certain adjectives are off limits.
    Nothing in them about describing how trashy a neighborhoods is, literally.

    Big Selling point even in NYC.
    Some Streets are clean, some not.
    Same out here in the woods where I live.