I had a rant... and it felt great.

  • http://www.sniperforums.com/forum/rifles/65474-i-think-savage-rifles-garbage-stay-out-savage-lovers.html

    When constantly being persecuted by ignorant fools... it does feel good to persecute them back. :)

  • I just read it.... Laughing away now.

    Feeling a bit like a backslid Christian though.

    I haven't been shooting enough but I have shot more than 150 rounds this year.
    Didn't even count my brass that I picked up out of the back yard.
    On my second pound of CFE223 for this year.
    NO round count but three empty 100 round boxes of Hornady 52 BTHP or 68 BTHP.
    Also shot 8 magazines of XM193. Only two left.

  • I have a Savage...can I still come in May :laughing: :laughing:

  • Post that on Long Range Hunting.

    There are people there who need to hear it.

  • Hey I've made some of those arguments.

    Like the reason why we have crappy firearms anymore.

    When Remington introduced their Magpul "Tactical" rifle I said, I could make this rifle cheaperyself buying everything full price.

    Then some guy called me a Bernie supporting socialist and I'm the reason why capitalism doesn't work.

    I said, you're the reason why capitalism doesn't work. Capitalism works because we hold people accountable, we demand better products at competitive prices. You fools who buy everything from someone simply because of a name are the reason why companies like Remington are making worse products now, that cost more, and then they don't listen to their customers anyways because they don't have to because you buy their crap anyways. Meanwhile I can go out and buy a Howa 1500 HCR for less then this Remington, with a better stock, that has built in adjustability (pretty sure you have to buy inserts to adjust the Magpul) and have a better action, with better quality and Howa has to pay import fees on top of that.

    It's ridiculous.

    Savages have their place, and I don't think that's place is with shooters, actual shooters. And even then I personally would choose other rifles because of the issues and complicated design of Savages.

    It's almost funny, because you know some of those guys will complain about something being to complex as a firearm attachment, to many failure points, but on a Savage it's fine.

  • @ramirojpc said:

    I have a Savage...can I still come in May :laughing: :laughing:

    I train people, not rifles. ;)

    Shoot what you bring. :)

  • Just read your rant... It was hilarious, i was laughing my head off. I loved it.

  • Love it! I know I can't go back to my Savage now. It's absolutely painful to shoot now that I'm accustomed to my Annie girl :)

    Thank you dearest!

  • I linked the SF post to long range hunting in a on going thread about "best rifle to progressively build.

    Now we wait for the fireworks....

    This thread could also be linked at the "stupid people in other forums" thread

  • @ragnarnar... Just remember, I don't know anything about shooting. Just ask on any forum... they'll tell you so.

  • Fantastic rant! I enjoyed it and absolutely agree. Way to many people writing instead of listening these days.

  • LRH, oh man that's great.

    Also isn't it a little funny one of the things Orkan mentions is square ranges, and then the dude posts a video about square ranges? (Presumably I didn't watch it)

  • Haha love it. And if I knew what I know now a couple years ago when I bought my savage I would have passed and saved the money for a better rifle.

  • There are some interesting people coming out in defense of Orkan that I didn't expect.

    Oh well that thread is just getting crazy now so I think I'll bow out.

  • It's a shit show now and I don't care. I'm so sick of all the offended snowflakes telling me to do something about Greg.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Your not entitled to be offended. Free speech means someone can share their opinion no matter how unpopular it may be. You are not guaranteed the right for your fragile feelings not to hurt.

  • I had to come out of retirement on SF to contribute to that thread..... Its getting bad there.

    I actually find it to be hilarious

  • "Justme" sent me a pm about it. I think he was trying to rally people against Orkan. He was barking up the wrong tree. I sent him about a full page response of reasons why he was out of line.

  • @dddoo7
    What did he say? I'm interested.

    I also feel the need to answer your questions. In the spirit of full disclosure.

    "Hi my name is Andrew, and I own a savage rifle....."

    1. How many savage rifles have you owned?
      One. Just one. And it will always be just one. I'm actually probably the third owner of this rifle. Maybe more. I got it from a room mate and one of my closest friends after we had separated from the military. He moved back to a even more gun unfriendly state than CA and didn't want the headache of dealing with it. He later committed suicide as a result of what he had seen in Army. For that reason I'll never part with that rifle.

    2. What savage rifles do you own?
      Its a model ten, I think? Maybe 11? I'd have to move some stuff in the safe to check and I don't want to bother. Its a .308, laminate stock, 20 inch barrel, ADL style blind magazine.

    3. What is the round count through each rifle?
      Couldn't tell you. Like I said, I'm the third owner. I've got maybe 75-100 in the five years I've owned it. I know it wasn't shot much before that. Less than 200 total. Most was me up front figuring out what ammo it liked. I was new to bolt guns when I got it so there was some repetition involved in the group shooting.

    4. How many rounds per year do you shoot through these rifles?
      Less than five if I do my part. Three to confirm zero at the beginning of the season then one for deer if I see one and a back up. The rifle is really only needed on one specific hunt that requires me to crawl for about 1000 yards through brush to flush any deer for the group. Any shot would be about 10 yards at the longest if the deer was dumb enough to stay in one place to figure out what was crashing through the brush towards him. The 26 inch barrel on my other gun is too long for that style of hunting.

    5. How long have you had each rifle?
      5 years, see above

    6. What, if any, problems have you had with your rifle/rifles?
      I pulled the bolt handle off the gun running the bolt normally. Snapped right off. Savage replaced it to their credit.
      I can't clean the barrel. I scrub and scrub and its still dirty. I'm not sure if thats me not trying hard enough because its a savage and I don't care, or some fault of the gun.

  • Sorry for the lost of your friend.

    I got a buddy in jail now because he couldn't get his life straight after being over in Afghanistan and seeing his convoy blown up, also have a cousin that was killed. Both were in the National Guard.

  • I guess it's time to stay over here for a while. I'm guessing the "snowflakes" don't hang out here? Greg must've struck one helluva sensitive nerve for the thread to drag on this long.....They just can't let go...

  • @rhyno

    Sorry for your losses as well.

    I think everyone that knew him expected it. We tried to get him help, counseling, medication, religion, VA appointments (huge delay for people to see the VA) or whatever. Our squad would take turns flying to see him so he wouldn't go more than a month or so without seeing people he could relate with. He's one of those people we should have left in Afghanistan, just because he was unable to function in the real world after he came back. He was a very devout christian and one day he just let it go completely. Truthfully, I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did.

    I'll give you the details and show you the pictures and videos some day, if we ever meet in person.

    I'm almost surprised I haven't wound up dead or in jail. If I hadn't met and married my girlfriend I might have.

  • I thank God Every Day for my wife.
    Her kids, well they aren't the angels they looked to be 12 years ago.
    Glad you are with us Ragnarnar.

    There is a higher level of respect around here.
    I know I am still learning.

    I am about too put Lee into the same category as Savage.

    The Lee Challenger Press I just unboxed was broken from shipping damage.
    It was the cadmium plated ratchet looking part where the handle fits in.
    Cast metal. Ragged break along the exposed grain structure.

    Still priming on the Coax for now.

  • That thread has turned into a witch hunt. There are only about 3 vocal people...but they are all three taking over orkan's thread and using it as a witch hunt. Mods are foolish if they don't reign them in. It is a shame that 3 people can feel like they have the right to try to "strong arm" mods into kicking out long time contributing and helpful members.

    I'm not gonna post his message because I need to be able to say I didn't share it if it comes up...but it is not much different than what he is currently spewing publicly. Why did he think that I of all people would side with him?

  • Tough spot for the mods I think.

    As long as they're not breaking the rules, you can't really do much.

    The rules are different here, there is a different level of expectations so this place will never end up like that.

  • @hypo

    I feel bad now for recommending it. I have been using mine for a while now mostly for decapping.

  • @oilfieldjosh

    Glad you are here. I think you will like it here. You can trust the advice more so that other sites because it is based on actual knowledge instead of just what people have heard.

  • HAHAHA. Boy those people over there on that site just can't help themselves can they? I knew they'd ALL show up and I knew they'd all demonstrate my point for me.

    Thanks, those of you that contributed on my behalf... or rather on the behalf of the truth.

    Apparently my short and uneventful time in the military, which I almost never bring up, because it was boring as shit and unworthy of even mentioning, has something to do with how sucky savage rifles are? lol I did get to set off some bombs though, which was cool... and driving tanks... well thats just awesome... but never a shot in anger. Never deployed.

    I do have lots of experience with savage rifles though. Bad experiences nearly all of them. ;)

  • People I haven't seen posting there in a long have posted.

  • Different model than the one you suggested 007.
    It was the next step up. Cast aluminum O frame model.

    I didn't think the handle parts would be cast as well.

    The RCBS Partner will be better.
    All Cast Iron.
    Smaller frame means shorter stroke to get ram all the way up to seat the primer.
    Even shorter when I use a die extention.

    Partner verses Chucker.


  • @rhyno

    I had to come out of retirement for that one. Part of the whole reason I left.

  • DAYUM! That thread was a riot. LOL!

  • I'm surprised this article made the news feed:


    Catchy headline :-P

  • I don't think anyone here has argued the Savage rifles aren't accurate. What Savage lacks is durability and reliability. F-Class isn't really that hard on a rifle. Savage is also one of the only companies that makes a factory rifle designed for F-Class. Might be another reason why you see them there more than other factory rifles.


    I also love how the article says the factory actions are blueprinted but yet isn't that why they use a floating bolt head is to overcome pourly aligned action???

  • I think the floating bolt head is a gimmick.

    And I would love to talk to the guys at bighorn to see what the purpose is on their actions.

  • I know a guy that is a dedicated Savage owner. When he gets one he expects to have to finish lapping the barrel. He's like many shooters that don't have big annual round counts. His point of view is, he expects to do a little work on the rifle based on how little he paid. I've been chatting up a Howa, but he's happy with what he's getting out of Savage.

  • Pretty easy to be happy with anything you don't use.

  • @orkan

    Well he uses it, just not heavily and just under 1 MOA is good enough for him. He shoots mostly under 300 yds. I tease him calling that a warm up for real shooting.

  • I always love when you post on the Sniper Hide forum and some idiot gets into it with you.Im from the school that if you don't know about something,Keep your mouth shut and listen.

  • @steelbanger

    There's a lot of dis-information out there and sometimes its hard to know who to believe. We're pretty lucky we've got guys that shoot a lot like Greg to cull through the BS. He does put the hammer down when he sees things he disagrees with. I've been the recipient of his "getting squared away" once or twice.

    Being fairly new to LD shooting my own experience was that it was tough separating fact from the arm chair shooters.

    The thing about this sport is that things are changing all the time. Greg's barrel cleaning test probably shocked some casual shooters who were used to cleaning every time they return from the range. Culling brass from bad shots, pressure testing, annealing, I would have never thought of until I read some of Greg's articles and spoke to him. He's got strong opinions but he's done the testing to back it up. I know I got on his nerves a bit early on cause I questioned him a lot. Don't do that so much any more. I just ask what does he do and run with it.