Floating bolthead thought

  • So here's a thought I had a few minutes ago.

    Floating bolt heads on push feed actions don't make sense.

    Even though Savage, Remington and other companies use them, even some custom actions use them, they don't make sense to me.

    The reason is, the spring loaded ejector plunger.

    Would that not cause the bolt head to cock to one side constantly? Maybe it doesn't matter much during the actual firing sequence when everything expands and pushes everything flat against the locking lugs anyways.

    It makes more sense on a CRF action without a plunger style ejector, which is what the Savage started out as if my research is correct.

    But then there's custom actions using the concept so maybe I'm wrong or it doesn't matter.

  • I know the ARC guys use a Springfield style ejector on their actions, so as I understand it there's no forces influencing the alignment of the chambered round.

    Interesting thought though. It seems you would need a manual ejector versus a plunger or something

  • Lots of reasons they don't make sense...

    I agree, the floating bolt heads are much to do about nothing.