Discarding posts

  • I have found that when trying to discard a post, that has had some dialog written, I cannot complete the discard.
    I will hit the discard button and a window pops up:
    "Are you sure you wish to discard this post?"
    There is no button to click to complete the action.
    Perhaps I am missing something?

  • Thank you for the bug report!

    Can you provide some information about the browser and operating system you are using?

    You can try to pick a different theme using your profile settings and see if that helps for the time being.

  • Google chrome with MS XP

  • Okay tried 2 different skins; it worked with Yeti and default but not with readable (the one I was using)

  • @mamalukino said:

    Okay tried 2 different skins; it worked with Yeti and default but not with readable (the one I was using)

    Thank you for trying this fix. I think we will standardize the skins for the time being, forcing one to be used, until such a time as we get the functionality completely working on the rest.

  • testing 123 ... not discarding on readable.
    the dialog box is in the extended view and will not collapse. The discard dialog comes up behind it and is cut off not allowing access to the buttons

  • Refresh the page or logout/login and you should be using the new default skin, and everything should work correctly. Try that, and if the problem still persists, let me know.

    Also, be aware that on the upper left hand side of the post window, there is a little "up" chevron. You can click and drag that up and down to determine the size of the reply/new post window.

    Let me know if this solves things for you.

  • Okay will do, that button you mentioned was not functional

  • Also, please make sure your chrome is up to date on the latest version.

  • testing 123 logged out and reset

    Upper left button not working to collapse the Dbox, chrome up to date...

  • Just tested again the discard box shows enough to work....thanks guys:thumbsup:

  • No problem. :)

    Also remember that a good clearing of your browser cache and a reboot can really help things get working again when websites start acting wonky.

  • Having the same problem again on discarding posts, on some of the forums the popup doesn't clear the dialog page.