Private serial number

  • Is there a way to make just the serial number information on a item (scope, rifle, whaever) private.

    I've always been told to keep such a number private, but it would be nice to have an off site backup, especially here where you can then blacklist it and that information will be available then.

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    I was thinking the same thing.
    Most people block SN's in gun pics.....

  • Thank you for the feedback gentlemen. We'll explore some options here and see if there is something that can be done.

  • If you have so many precision rifles that you need serial numbers to keep them straight then you have a lot of rifles. If you put it on the Internet (private or not) it is public. I have a description of my rifles...but I don't see a need to post a serial number. Just my opinion.

  • Sorry fellas, but I had a temporary lapse of memory here. This is something we have already handled.

    You can see your serial numbers, but no one else can, unless you list the item as stolen in the Blacklist. Even if your firearm profile is set to public, your serial number remains private. I just tested this functionality, and it does indeed perform as it should. This same functionality exists with the "purchase price" and "purchase date" fields. You can see them if you click "edit" on that firearm, but they are not displayed to the public. :)

    Having said that, if you are still concerned about listing your serial numbers on Gunhive, then we encourage you to do what you feel comfortable doing. We worked very hard to allow people to use the site while entering as much, or as little data as they choose.

    Adding a serial number allows the "blacklist" to function correctly and allow serial number searches. You could also just add the serial number to the notes when you put it up on the blacklist if you choose. Listing the serial number is also very good for insurance and accountability reasons. If you have a picture of your firearm, and a corresponding serial number, then you will be in good shape if you ever have to file an insurance claim or work with law enforcement regarding your firearm. There are many other reasons as well, but those are obviously the main ones I can think of.

    Sorry for the confusion, and I hope this clarifies things!

  • That works, i guess i had never even tried it.