Cyanide bomb kills teens dog, poisons teen.

  • Dog’s Death Spotlights Use of Cyanide ‘Bombs’ to Kill Predators - National Geographic

    If only there were people that would pay fees to hunt predators or something.

    This is terrible.

  • @rhyno said:

    If only there were people that would pay fees to hunt predators or something.


  • There is simply a lot of things wrong with the story, and not wrong with the story, just wrong about what they're doing.

    Good lord they're placing cyanide bombs all over parts of the United States, and denying everything to protect them selves.

    Then people complain that the bombs are the cheapest option.

    BS, legalize NVGs, Thermals, and Suppressors for hunting and people will literally pay to take care of the issue, and you won't have potential bombs sitting around all over the country with one of the deadliest chemicals known to us, for people to stumble upon.

  • I read about this somewhere else last week. Or maybe it was a similar story that happened somewhere else. One of my other forums or something.

    It's bullshit. The conclusion there was very much the same as it is here. Let people kill the coyotes off. They'll do it for free or will pay for the privilege rather than hire trappers to do it at our expense.

    I'd hunt down the guy responsible for the bomb if it got my dog.

    The other story didn't include anything about the kid being poisoned I wonder if that's a new detail or what?

  • @ragnarnar mild case of Cyanide poisoning after he got it in his eyes.

  • @rhyno

    Right right. The other story didn't mention that so I'm wondering if they were separate incidents.

    I'm seeing if I can find it again, now.

    And it looks like it's the same incident, but it doesn't mention the kid getting hit.

  • According to the Wikipedia link, there were two similar incidents in (edit) sorry Utah and Idaho.

  • @rhyno

    Either way it's a dumb idea. And it could have been avoided just by labeling the damn things.

    If it was somehow feasible to limit it to coyotes and wolves I'd be ok with it, but it's just idiotic in its current form.

  • It's all about ranchers fellas. Coyotes eat their profits, literally. They blame the government for it and expect them to solve it. That's why tons of ranchers/farmers vote democrat. They love the government handouts. This is no different.

    Every single predator management effort the government runs, should be eliminated. It's just another excuse for the government to steal more of our money to fund their bullshit programs. If private entities handled these jobs, the job would be done 100x better and cost 100x less.

  • Primal Rights Predator Management Service.
    "We kill coyotes with a smile"
    "Specializing in environmentally friendly acute lead poisoning"

    When's that happening?

    It is the governments fault. They're the ones who list wolves and the lions and shit as "endangered" to protect them then reintroduce them to the area.

    Lions in California would wipe out deer in the state in a year if that's all they ate. Then they act surprised when someone's dog gets eaten.
    But it's outright illegal to even possess lion body parts here, regardless of where I get them.

    Deregulate it all and let people kill them on sight.

  • @ragnarnar said:

    Deregulate it all and let people kill them on sight.

    The government willingly relinquish control? You're nuts. Never happen.

    The ONLY way they give up control is if you wrest it from them by force.