March shorty 1-8

  • This thing is badass looking. Certainly some applications for that scope.


  • Looks like solid competition for the vortex razor 1-6

    Much better feature set here. It might find a home on one of my 16 inch ARs

    What's March's reputation like? I'm told they're popular with Fclass but I have no experience.

  • They've never really impressed me much. Certain people over-hyped the shit out of them. They really aren't very impressive in my opinion... but this little scope here is very innovative and serves to fill a nice niche. If all of their scopes were reduced in price by about 40%, I think they would have a great value. As it stands, most of their scopes just don't bring much to the table when compared with other scopes in equal or lesser price points.

    I haven't heard much about them failing though. They've gone through some issues, but it was mostly technical and seem to have come through it.

  • Never owned a March but it looks perfect for 10/22.To me its to much cash for what your getting.

  • @steelbanger

    If you're LE/ Military/Vet, wait till it goes to full price, then get the 20% discount march offers.

    It'll take 430 or so off the price, which is much cheaper than it is now with the introduction discount.