Suppressor Cover Retention

  • I have an Armageddon gear suppressor cover. If I were to buy again it would be TAB gear...but I already have the Armageddon one.

    It is retained by bungie strap but lately has been moving as I shoot. The bungie strap also is a pain when trying to take the cover on and off. The cover has to come off for the rifle to fit in the drag bag.

    I was asking @orkan if he had a cover in stock...and he told me what he did to his covers to keep them from moving. He uses elastic bands to hold them. his suggestion I broke out the sewing machine and made some elastic bands for my cover.

    Thanks for the suggestion @orkan

    Saved me having to buy a new suppressor cover. I actually like this design better than the other retention systems on bought covers.


  • Just go into business already!

    Shooting mats, rear bags and now this! You've got half your product line already.

  • @ragnarnar

    Ain't none of it original. This is orkan's idea. Mats are made by everyone. The rear bags are str8t laced's design. I can do some minor sewing...but I ain't no tony.

  • Happy to be of service. :)

    As shooters we often tend to hate the same things... and suppressor covers not staying put is something I've hated.